Vastu Shastra Consultant

Authentic and Genuine Vastu Consultancy Services for Home,Offices,Industries,Schools,Hospitals,Hotels.

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Business Vastu

Get Vastu layout for Corporates, offices, Industries, Hotels, Hospitals

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Quick Vastu Opinion

We do offer vastu consultancy services via Email,Fax,Skype and other digital media.Read more

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Residential Vastu

Vastu Layout for Apartment, Bungalow, Studio Apartment or Residential project. Services available by site visit as well as via E-mail

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#1 Vastu Consultant in MUMBAI | Thousands of Satisfied Clients Worldwide | Consultations Done since 1991 !

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On-Site Consultation

Our onsite vastu consultations aim is to provide you with a high quality, accurate, authenticate & effective professional vastu services. More information

Skype Consultation

Quick & easy way to skype with Expert, Nitien Parmar, who will answer all of your questions and help you redesign your space. More information

Email Consultation

Utilizing detailed questionnaires, floor plans, accurate compass direction, vastu team will analyze your premises for E-consultation. More information


Acurate Compass Reading

Most important part of vastu analysis is taking an accurate compass reading and determining in which direction your main entrance is facing. This is one of the most important factor while making a vastu layout for the house or office.

Vastu Opion before your Buy

If you have finally found that premises you think you could live or work, then why not have it assessed to find out what type of luck it will attract to you. This is the best time to seek a vastu opinion before signing a papers.Get opinion

Vastu Energy Scan

Feel like you’ve picked up some bad vibes lately? Whether it’s due to exposure from a negative environment . This may also be due to the serious vastu defects or vastu arrangements in your premises. Go for Vastu Scan


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