Altering office energy- Vastu corrections

/Altering office energy- Vastu corrections
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Altering office energy

Whether you intend to purchase or rent a new office it is always advisable to have a vastu evaluation done before you sign on the dotted line.

Office corrections in Andheri Office, Mumbai

Vastu findings:-

Missing North East Corner (Effects:- Delay in business projects)

Beams over the main cabins(Effects:-stress in office environment)

Vastu corrections:-

Reception and visitors area has been taken out to make both the parts in rectangular shape.

After fixing a  copper swastika, beam has beam concealed with false ceiling.

Other arrangements like desk orientation, conference room, server room, canteen and wash rooms has been organized based on the vastu principles.

Office corrections in Kandivali Office, Mumbai

Vastu findings:-

Open terrace at north was higher than the south area (Effects:- Delay in projects)

Beam above the owner’s cabin(Effects:-stress in office environment)

Proposed toilet at South-West ( Financial Losses)

Vastu corrections:-

Higher flooring towards the north has been corrected by using a brass pyramid partition strips.

After fixing a  copper swastika, beam has beam concealed with false ceiling.

Office corrections in Nariman Point Office, Mumbai

Vastu findings:-

Door in the inauspicious zone SWW (Effects:-More expenditures)

Employees facing South West(Effects:-Poor performance, less office energy)

Toilet at North ( Vastu Marmasthan- Mukh Marma)(Effects:-Lack of money)

Mirrors in the South West(Effects:- Work stress)

Vastu corrections:-

Door has been corrected by installing Bahubali Hanuman Yantra

Door swastika has been suggested to be drawn by owner of the office in specific measurement as mentioned in the  vastu text. It has been drawn with asthaganda powder.

Owner’s cabin has been shifted to south west to have more strength.

Mirror has been covered with wall papers.

Toilet has been corrected by using a vastu partition strips and  sea salt.

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