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  • Question:-My house is a individual house facing north.we live in first floor.main door is in north and living room too.kitchen is in the south east corner.masterbedroom is in south west and the guest bedroom in north west. In between these two is the pooja room which is in west centre facing east.the toilet of the mastet bedroom is just behind the puja room.both sharing the same wall.also there is a common toilet opposite to the puja room,but not exactly opposite, little away from it.so can we place a 1 inch qooden hurdle in the puja room to avoid touching the bathroom wall?or do we need to change the location of puja room.please help me sir to resolve the issue.thankyou.

    Padma Priya
  • Answer:-Avoid pooja room on a wall which is sharing a toilet. We suggest to shift your prayer room towards the north east zone of your living area. Otherwise create a additional partition which should touch on the side of the wall and not on the toilet wall. This will create a space between toilet wall and temple wall.

  • Question:-What are the purposes of placing crystals in vastu and which ones are best where?

    Mitesh Shah
  • Answer:-Crystals are wonderful creation of nature. Crystals are used for balancing the energy, empowering the surrounding, protecting from negativity etc. There are different kinds of crystals for difference purposes. Crystals are used to improve the energy flow in various areas of the home or office as well as to improve personal energy.
    Citrine rock, natural quartz crystals, rose quartz, amethyst quartz etc are the super power crystals which can be used under the expert guidance.

  • Question:-I wanted to enhance every sector of my house. So what is the best way to go about it?

    G.P Bhalla, Noida
  • Answer:-Every sector of your house can be enhanced by using a vastu techniques. Relationship, career, health, business, study, creativity, fame, spirituality & peace in the life can be achieved by simply following a vastu arrangement. Any vastu defect should be corrected to align the vastu forces in positive direction else it may bring a negative result in your life.

  • Question:-We have a east, north east facing home. four of us live here. The problem is that we are facing lots of losses. anything we do or think doesnt work properly e.g we started renovating the house but the builders troubled us a lot. then the plumber & electrican left the work half done and took the money. what can be done? please help

    Ramesh Malu, Bangalore
  • Answer:-You should consider a vastu arrangement before renovating your house. Vastu can be corrected by simple vastu energy techniques which does not require any demolition. Get your house survey by a vastu expert for any correction needed and you will be happily able to complete your renovation work in time with a simple and inexpensive remedies.

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