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  • Question:-In my apartment, my toilet and kitchen faces each other. I know this is a major problem but do you suggest any easy and simple cure?

    Ravi Kenny, Goa
  • Answer:-Toilet facing the kitchen can be corrected by virtual vastu partions.

  • Question:-My two kids are not good in studies Do you recommend something to improve their studies?

    Ketan Mithani, Mumbai
  • Answer:-Ask them to face east or north while making a study. They must seat in north east, east or west zone of your house for studies.

  • Question:-I am planning to buy an apartment on top floor. Is it true that effect of vastu less on higher floors?

    Khushdeep Talreja, Powai, Mumbai
  • Answer:-Influence of earth element is very strong on the house close to the earth while influence of space and wind is of greater percentage on house located on higher floors

  • Question:-My kitchen is located in the north portion of my home. What can I do to reduce the impact of north kitchen?

    Mohanlal, Navi Mumbai
  • Answer:-Kitchen at north indicates more outflow of money by way of unexpected expenditure. We suggest to Introduce a fire element at south east corner of your house by way of putting a vastu triangular helix, fire pyramid and kamdhenu cow made in brass.

  • Question:-I can see a railway track from my door towards the east. Is it bad? Any suggestion?

    Dinesh, gandhinagar
  • Answer:-Nothings is wrong. Since location of road on east is considered good as per vastu, the railway track should also gets a same benefit

  • Question:-My house is facing east and my main door is also facing east and is situated directly below my bathroom/toilet. I know it is worst place to have the main door therefore I need recommendation to neutralize this situation without doing any demolition or shifting. Many thanks and looking forward to any reply.

    Anil Kalyankar
  • Answer:-simple correction –install a vastu energy plates on the ceiling from lower floor.

  • Question:-Do you have idea that vastu has a cures for good health?

    B G Naik
  • Answer:- -Maitreya Buddha facing a door would be of a great help to you.

  • Question:-My sister has a spiral staircase in the center of her house. Is there a way to improve this design without major reconstruction?

    Puneet Mehta, Ahmedabad
  • Answer:-

    This is a serious vastu defect. You should use vastu copper arrow for virtual shifting of staircase towards the south or west. Use our zone balancing techniques for corrections.

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