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  • Question:-Sir, I have seen your blog and it is very interesting and helpful. I am planning to buy a land in US and construct a house in that plot. Unfortunately it being a community we will have to follow builders plan and they wont let us change directions of the rooms. Out of 3 or 4 plan we found this plan little better . However looks like master bedroom and master bath are not in good directions. But in master bed room we are have owners retire t which is SW so we are planning to place the bed there. Please look at the below plans. Also a suggestion there is a small 1 foot wide water stream going behind our plot in SW direction, is that OK ?

    Vinod, USA
  • Answer:-Toilets at south west may impact on the family harmony. Using a smalll bed room is a good idea, instead of using a south east bed room with a kitchen under the room. We suggest to get it corrected, before your start living in this house including a remedy for south west stream.

  • Question:-Respected Sir, We are looking for a house. We don't have a plan for the house. But there are several houses where as soon as door opens there is some open space 3 ft or more there is nothing on that level except place to put shoes & coats. Stairs that goes up where living room, dining room, kitchen bedroom is there & stairs goes down to basement. There are several houses in different areas with similar concept. Entrance sometimes is in middle of the wall or far end or little away from middle. House could be facing East, South east, any direction. If you can please guide us If this stair arrangement is OK ?? If yes is there specific side (middle far end of the wall) the door should be?? & what side the house should be facing? Appreciate your time. Thanks for all the guidance to all.

    Amar Patasar
  • Answer:-Please note that the staircase in some locations are preferred where it can prove very harmful if located in the restricted zone. Also door location and a basement is also to be reviewed carefully. There are not standard format for the same. You should consult local expert or avail our vastu opinion services professionally

  • Question:-Dear Vastu plus, This house entrance is west open. I guess the plan is self explanatory Kindly reply with all details including payment

    Mitu Bidichandani
  • Answer:-Not good from vastu point of view. It has a many major vastu defects.

  • Question:-Dear Sir, I own a plot in a T-Junction. It is an East facing site and a road exists right opposite to my site going towards east. I have attached the sketch for your ready reference. I am planning to build a house in this plot. Please let me know if this is Vastu compliant. Kind Regards,

  • Answer:-T junction sites are not recommended as per vastu. Road ending at east is ok but if it is T junction then it is a major vastu defect.

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