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  • Query:-Sir, Can we change our destiny by applying vastu shastra? ?

    Kalpesh, Mumbai
  • Reply:-Vastu Shastra guides you on how to improve your life as well as protect you from the bad luck. Destiny can not be changed but you can fine tune the same with vastu shastra to the better and protective level.

  • Query:-The main entrance to my house faces the back door directly. There's a working desk in between these two doors. How do I rectify this problem?

    Sugandha Parini
  • Reply:-We suggest you to place place a pot of indoor spiral bamboo plant along with vastu copper divider (vastu partition).

  • Query:-My husband and I practicing chartared accountancy. Currently we use a second hand desk that came from our previous owner . Previous owner suffered a loss & now I use the same desk in my office. Somebody told me that this desk may have negative energy from left from its previous owner.

    Mital Chavan
  • Reply:-The working desk will not have any impact on you. There are many factors which contributes success or failure in the profession or business.

  • Query:- Can I place a large quartz crystal to enhance earth element or any other powerful techniques?

    Raju Faria
  • Reply:-It is not necessary to use crystals. Anything, which is heavy in weight will best do the job like lead metal, rocks, river pebbles etc. Docarate it in nice way so it looks beautiful.

  • Query:- Hello Sir, We have done an extension ( made sunroom) in the southeast side of the house. Someone told me the extension is not good in this direction according to my plot layout. I have copied picture of my plot below with the directions marked with lines. Please provide me with guidance is to if there is any defect and how to correct it.

    Deepika Sardana
  • Reply:- You have done a wrong extention. This could impact on your financial liquidity . There may be a threat due to the fire. Cover sotuh-east window with green curtain. Use some plants especially a bamboo plant in the south east zone. Place a green pebbles in cane basket on the outer border of the house.

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