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  • Question:-Sir, Mine is west face plot 60x40 recently we have constructed first slab only slab work done. Can u say me steps are at brahmastan what to do if the steps are at brahmastan

    Sri Balaji

Answer:-Yes, you centre is locaded by staircase and it puts a load on centre (Brahmasthan) of the house. If possible try to make a staircase in wood. Also use pyramids shifting arrows for virtual correction and shiifting the same to the west or south.

  • Question:-Dear Nitien Parmar ji, I would like your advice on the following and hoping that you would help me with this vastu dosha. I have contacted many experts but nobody has been able to answer this question yet. My cooking stove is lit facing South. We cannot move the stove or renovate the kitchen. Could you please suggest some remedies to this vastu dosha? We are facing a lot of financial loss due to this vastu dosha. I would greatly appreciate your advice and I hope to hear from you. .

    Vijay Mittal

Answer:-You have not mentioned the location of kitchen in the house. If you have kitchen in the south east, then you need not to worry on this issue. But location other than south east with cooking facing south- you need to apply vastu remedy. We suggest you to put a natural green pebbles in a wooden bowl behind the stove

  • Question:-Sir i would be lucky to get an answer from your side i have a question regarding financial problem. Everything was going all right our house was started to built from Jan, 2015 till today it is 80% completed but one day accidentally i ordered my labours to keep the not useful sand and stones to keep that in one side but they unknowingly kept that materials in the HEAD of VAASTU PURUSH.....so could it create any problem in HOME LOAN FINANCING...because we were facing problem regarding financial matters since that case happened...plzz help sir.

    Mr. Prateek via Email

Answer:-Ok, now shift any balance material from the north-east zone to the south or north west. Keep north-east clean and green with underground water body.

  • Question:-Sir, I Purchased plot no 2. but seem like due to road and compound wall alignment 12 sqft of my house wall get marked to road facing .Also I am not sure if this is good as per vastu . even though its internal road , t junction fall in the internal road. My house entrance falls in north east. So please confirm me if this plot have vastu problem in future . also with reg to the shape as well. height=

    Ramya Balram

Answer:-Effect of T-junction will be minimum on south site. Your biggest defect is extention of plot towards the south west. Cut it off with wall and make your plot rectangular. Place pyramids made of lead metal on wall towards the south west extention

  • Question:-Sir, my query is following :-
    1. Is the front door in correct position, if not what is the remedy?
    2. Is Kitchen in correct position
    3. Where should we setup work or study room?
    4. Where should we keep the pooja place and which direction we should face while worshipping and keep the god pictures/idols..

    Barathan K.

Answer:-1. Location of Main door falls in inauspicious zone, if you are using a south door as a main door. Install 3 lead metal helix under the door plate. Also place natural crystal rocks near the door
2. Kitchen in the north zone which may impact badly on your finances. Introduce alternate fire at south east corner of living area by placing a vastu copper helix with carnelain rocks
3. Place study desk facing east or north in north west room
4. Place pooja room in north east zone of your house on east wall so person faces east while making a pooja
You have a basement in the house, Vastu does not recommend any basement in the house. Fix four copper corners in basement for the vastu correction.

  • Question:-hello sir, I am planning to purchase a property and a stream is running parallel to the property from North to east. Right now the entrance of the house is excatly in between South and East and am planning to open up the garage and make an entrance in the North East side of the house Can you please suggest if that is Ok.
    I am attaching map of the house and an image which depicts the stream which runs parallel to the house.Please let me know if you have any furtehr questions Thanks

    Sree, UK

Answer:-Flow of water from the north to east is very positive as per vastu. Make sure it does not goes towards the south. Decision to open a garage entrance towards the northeast is good. Your all internal arrangements should be planned as per vastu to achieve a vastu benefits.

  • Question:-Respected sir, I am intended to purchase a site in Bangalore south in Jayanagar 3rd block location. The proposed site is just front of the three roads are joining. The drawing is enclosed herewith. The house belongs to to the traditional brahmin family having old house. I need your advise whether I can go for purchase of site as per vasthu. Site is North facing. If you say it is okay then I will go ahead for buying and once done I will come and meet you for Vasthu guidance for the house construction. If it is not good to buy a site where three roads are joining then I will leave it and search for new site and approach for you for expert Vaastu advise.

    Dr. Ravishankar N S , Bangalore
  • Question:-Dear Sir, As guided by you I am attaching a floor plan of my house. This is a rented apartment with approximately 1100 sq ft area. On 2nd floor. I am residing here since 3 years now. These are the following problems I am facing for which I desperately need your help in finding solutions. Financial problems. A long awaited divorce case is not getting resolved Even though I am working towards getting projects (I am a Muralist and started corporate gifting recently) it's very difficult to get my any work finalised. Disturbance in harmony of mind. Too much financial losses. I have been patient and working diligently but things do not happen the way I would want them to. Please suggest remedies and help me. Best regards

    Vinitha via email

Answer:-Please note that your house is good as per vastu from basic vastu placement point of view. You should use toilet located in south zone. Avoid using toilet located at north (Financial zone). Fix 3 brass helix on outer wall of toilet at north.(Metal cure-vastu partition)
Place temple in study room on east wall.(Tranquility area)
Do not place head at north while sleeping.(Major defect)
Carry yellow angle for financial success.

  • Question:- My house is ishan(North-east) facing and in the south west corner of the house, I have a toilet + Bathroom. Is it a vastu dosh. In the same house my kitchen is in the north east corner and sink in the kitchen is in SE direction and stove in NE DIRECTION

    Sundeep Mittal

Answer:-Location of the toilet at south west is a major vastu defect. Also kitchen falls in north east zone create a serious vastu problems. Peace and prosperity will be badly affected in this house. Get your houses surveyed by vastu expert. We suggest to use space healing techniques developed by vastuplus team to correct your vastu problems.

  • Question:- I have come across your site.. very impressive !! I have attached a plot plan.. kindly provide ur expertise opinion whether it is suitable for constructing a house for us..Thank you


Answer:-Vastu Findings:-
Plot has a missing north east conrer, which is a serious vastu defect.
Road coming from the east is auspicious and does not form veedhishoola
Make a two parts of the plot in rectangular shape.
Avoid projection in any direction.
Follow three stage of vastu:-
A. Plot Vastu- correcting a plot, energizing a plot
B. Construction vastu:- Plan & construct your house following a vastu principles
C. Interior vastu:- All internal placements should be based on vastu plan

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