Selecting Best from Upcoming Project

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  Selecting Best home from the Project as per vastu shastra

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Selecting from the Best Upcoming Real Estate Projects in Ahmedabad,Dholera,Vapi,Daman,Umargam,Surat,Delhi,Udaipur,Jaipur,Rajasthan,Mumbai,Thane,Navi-Mumbai,etc. Our client staying in Mumbai has asked us to assist in selecting a vastu compliant home in a new upcoming project in Ahmedabad city.
The project was a huge complex with the all modern & world class amenities. Planning of lake, clubs, commercial complexes along with residential complex has attracted a good amount of buyers –not only from the Ahmedabad but also from the Mumbai as well as rest of the world. The dowsing of site indicated greater amount of positive power at the location.
We were hired to select the best five apartment from availability of houses with the builder. It was a very difficult task for the selection, as every apartment was having a closer view of the water body.
We have analysed the layout based on following tenets:-
Location of water body ( Each apartment has a closed view of water body)
Correct location of water brings prosperity and positive flow of energy. It helps to energize the cosmic flow of vibrations entering to the house. Houses or property located near water are considered more auspicious.
Location of Main Door
Second consideration was a main door which should be always in positive zone according to vastu. Main door is considered as a mouth of home from where the flow of energy enters to the house.
Access to solar energy
Location of Windows towards the east were considered carefully while making suggestions based on vastu. Sun is the source of energy - Solar energy is the force for sustaining life on Earth. The early morning rays from the East are always beneficial. The Sun rays are also a source of Vitamin-D, which is very essential for good heath.
Flow of magnetic forces
Flow of magnetic forces also need to be considered while making a buying decision. The earth magnetic forces flows from the north to south direction. We always recommend property with a longer North-south axis
Possibilites of minor correction/shiftings required during the interior planning
We have to always view the plan from point of view of the modification/correction at the design stage. Internal placement in the kitchen, Allocation of bed rooms based on activities , Bed location, Furniture plannings, mirror & gadgets placement etc . should always possible to incorporate in the new house.
We were able to help our client to decide on vastu complaint home with best feature available for his benefit. Some minor remedies were required as some placements can not be shifted due to plumbing system was difficult to shift.