Case Study, Vastu at Ghatkopar, Mumbai

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  Vastu Case Study, House in Ghatkopar, Mumbai

We have received a consultation request from a dulplex owner from the ghatkopar, mumbai. He was trying to complete the construction since last one and half year but was finding frequent delays in completing the work. Though he has planned the house as per vastu with basic guidelines but someone suggested him to get vastu consultation from an expert.

team member

After visiting the site personally, team vastu plus has following observations:-
Under ground water tank though located in north –east zone but was cutting a N-E axis line.
Seating arrangement facing south in the living area needs a replanning
Kitchen was at correct location
A septic connecting tank was located in south-west zone which was a major defect.
Wall unit in some bed room at east were blocking the positive flow of energy
House was longer in east-west axis which indicates more solar exposure to the house.
Internal arrangement in the toilets were faulty as per vastu
The house was planned for three families including study area for children which was a difficult task.
The tranquility zone (prayer area) was not decided due to the shortage of space
Since major construction was already done, there were limited scope for physical changes in the house.
There was a shadow of the tree falling on the house which is called a “Major vastu defect”
Some of the recommendation for the house were as under:-
It was suggested to shift water tank on either side of north-east axis zone
Living room area is now replanned with seating towards the west and TV unit on the eastern wall
Anti clock door was corrected with vastu clockwise copper arrow.
Master bed room is enhanced with lead metal helix and lead metal pyramids
Vastu painting in the bed rooms towards the south east (above the kitchen) was suggested to protect the room occupant from fire element. (bed room in the south east zone causes differences amongst the couple, poor health to female members)
It was suggested to use room towards the north-east as a prayer room as well as study room.
Vastu magnetic swastika were suggested to installed in the north-south wall of both the floors facing each other.
Room at east zone has been further enhanced by installing a vastu copper bricks inside the four wall.

About ghatkopar:-Ghatkopar is famous & very prosperous eastern surburb of Mumbai. Ghatkopar covers famous locations like Rajawadi, Pant Nagar, Garodia Nagar, Vallabh baug lane, vikrant circle, Tilak Road, Derasar Lane, Chirag nagar, Maneklal estate & Amrut Nagar towards the east and west side.
Ghatkopar is a bustling, bursting, throbbing, a very very vibrant zone with very famous eateries & shopping centers. Achija, The chocolate room, Urban Tadka, Pavallion , Popular hotel etc. are very famous eateries in the ghatkopar. R city mall is a great attraction in the ghatkopar.

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