Simple Solutions- Door Obstacle

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team member   Simple Solutions- Door Obstacle

team member

One of my clients, Mr. Jagasia recently invited me to his house for a Vaastu consultation. A chartered accountant by profession, in spite of having rich experience and knowledge, Mr. Jagasia was unable to get the post he desired. When I rang the doorbell, he only opened the main door slightly. I immediately discovered that the root of his problems was the main door, which was not opening up to a 90 degree angle because of a shoe box behind it.
As per Vaastu this is called a ‘dwar vedh.’ I explained to him that it is essential for the entrance door to open freely and completely. When the entry is restricted, so is your growth. I advised him to clear the obstacle and he shifted the shoe box so that the door could open completely. In addition, I also suggested a few other changes and asked him for feedback after two months. Last week I got a call from him, stating that he got three job offers from different companies and opted for one which offered a higher post with a fair pay increase!