Vastu shastra & selling a house

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Vastu shastra to Sell House   Vastu shastra & selling a house

Vastu shastra for selling a house

Vastu shastra , an ancient science has numerous practical applications. Nowadays it is also used as a problem solving tool. When established principles of the vastu shastra are applied with a proper understanding to the environment of the home or office, watch the changes. It can be fascinating and profitable. If you are planning to sale your house, then vastu is an amazing tool to make your selling efforts result oriented.
There are many things that the owner or agent may incorporate in the home to "attract" the interested potential buyer. Good natural as well as artifical lights, beautifully arranged furniture, green pathway, live plants, nice lobby , lovely entrance , element paintings etc if placed according to the vastu, will make vibrations very positive. All this arrangement can be done very easily, inexpensively and without altering the general style or trends already established in the premises.
Selling a house is a very personal and emotional issue because you and your family have developed a strong attachment to the home over the years. Houses are more than just a structure; they are homes and places of wonderful memories. Everyone must be sincerely mentally and emotionally prepare to let go – a process which can be difficult. If all but is still hanging emotionally with the house, the sale cannot occur because those feelings are blocking the flow of energy that fosters the chances of sale of the house.
A real estate agent in Santacruz had a problem of not being able to resell a 3BHK apartment which was at fabulous & prime location. He has shown it to many families & everyone has shown a great interest. Most of them assured this agent that they will come back soon as they liked the house. There was no sell inspite of buyers liked it & this process took about 8-10 months. Owner of the house has lost the hope of selling even less than the quoted price. I had worked with a this estate agent in past for other client, so he called me to check this house also if any solution can be found.
I visited the home and upon entering from the main entrance, I was greeted by dark lobby. Inside the house everything was fine and welcoming. I just suggested few plants and a good light at the entrance. I also suggested to do salt water cure and to sprinkle a eucalyptus with water in whole house. The home sold within a week for more than the asking price. So simple solutions & great result. Using a property sale yantra under the wishing pyramid box for a few days is also great way to try.
Vastu shastra shows many other simple & effective ways to sell your properties i.e. villa, flat, home, land, plot, house, apartment, factory, industries, hotel etc. with a good deal.