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  Name of your house

What's in a name? -Auspicious choices bring good luck to the occupants or residents. Naming a homes is now becoming very popular with the increase in home ownership. It gives an impression of welcoming a visitor to your abode. When it is difficult to find your home, a visitor may overshoot the premises. According to vaastu, it indicates missed opportunity. So draw attention to your home with a beautiful name, along with a house sign near the entrance of your property in a most welcoming way.

team member

team member

Many people in the western countries name their homes based on certain themes like birds, animals, locations and trees. For instance, orchid home, cucu villa, hill view, sea castle etc. In India, people tend to name their homes after holy river, holy places, parents, god and goddess. Beacuse people believe that an auspicious and lucky name brings good luck and success. People in such a home feel more positive and are able to attract abundance in their life.
Consider the following points before naming your home:
1. Avoid duplicating a name that already exist in your area or surroundings. You can select modern and latest but a meaningful name.
2. Use a name which has some personal significance as well as meaning.
3. Select a unique and attractive one.
4. Name written on the door plate should be easily readable.
5. Name should ideally have a positive meaning to attract positiveness in your home
6. Colours used in the name plate should be selected based on the directions. There are different elements are associated with different directions.
7. Like colours, material used in making a name plate is equally important. Metallic name plates are very auspicious for the north facing homes.
8. Those who have a independant home or villa can display their house name near the gate and people living in the apartment may create a space near the door.
Your home is one of your biggest assets as well as your shelter..
Ideally you want a name to be proud of and that has some local or personal significance. Above all, any new name given should be suitable and well-chosen.

Professional Service-Get Auspicious name for your home
We need:-
Date of Birth of owner
Name of the owner
House number
Direction of home
We will provide you:-
1. Five harmonious names
2. Material of name plate i.e. metal, wood, earth etc.
3. Colour of Name plate
4. Shape of name plate

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