Case Study, Vastu at Bangalore

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  Vastu Case Study, Bangalore

Many employees in the corporate world have to shift from one city to another city due to a change in job or shifting of company office. On of our client from Mumbai has shifted to Bangalore last year & was looking for apartment as an investment. Since he has availed our services in the past for his Mumbai house , he immediately called us to seek an opinion about the apartment he proposing to buy.
Important note:-
While there are certainly limitations when living in an apartment like your inability to control and improve the energy from the outdoor environment, there are several easy ways for you to improve the flow of positive energy within your apartment or home by using a simple vastu and easy to follow vastu arrangements.

team member

Aparment was oriented in the diagonal direction which is subject to reduction in earth energetic influence.
Location of door was in positive zone according to the vastu grid
Master bed room in the west of south west zone was acceptable as per vastu
Kitchen in the south zone -not a true location
Two toilets in the south east zone (prosperity zone) are vastu defects
Vastu Opinion:-
  There are four important locations which are the deciding factors for new purchase as per vastu.
Door (Positive), master bed room (positive) Kitchen (Neutral) Toilets (Negative)
Vastu strength 70 to 75%
Opinion:-Recommended subject to vastu corrections for kitchen and toilets. We suggest you to get detailed vastu plan once the apartment is ready for the possession.


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