Vastu Shastra for Commercial Complex

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Vastu for Commercial Complex  Vastu Shastra for Commercial Complex

Vastu Shastra for Commercial Complex
Demand for the exclusive commerce complexes concerned with offices and dedicated shops is rising all over the world. Few years back, demand for the commercial complexes were restricted to the metro cities only. 21st century has witness a sudden demand for such complexes in mid sized and small town also.
A vastu compliant commercial complexes can make huge impact on the business of people occpupying such premises. Every business need a more buyer, more demand for the product and good will for the business. Vastu Shastra offers countless benefits, if the construction is made using a vastu principles.
Important points to be considered while following Vastu shastra for Commercial Complex :-
Surrounding of the premises i.e. Road, water bodies, hill etc.
Shape of the plot of builing
Main Entrance of the Complex
Parking area
Exterior Design & elevation of the complex
Location of staircase and lifts
Entrance of independant offices
Common Washroom location
Location of water body
canteen area
Power generator, electrical panels
Location of Water body i.e. Under ground water tank, over head tank etc
Location of septik tank, ETP plant etc.