Vastu Guidelines for Farm Housesteam member

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Vastu Guidelines for Farm House or Second Home

team member

-While selecting the plot for agriculture or farm house, avoid the land with the road on the south
- It is highly recommended to buy the plot with the flat surface. If it has a slope, it should be towards East, North East or North. Do not buy the land having slope at south or south west.
-Buy the land in a square or rectangular shape. Land extended towards north east is auspicious. Extention at any other direction is not good as per vastu.
-A Tree with good height should be grown on the south or west side.
-Well, Boring, pond should be located in the north east direction.
-Cannel of the water flow should be made in such a way that water moves from south to north direction.
-Outhouse or farm house should be made in the south west location of the farm.
- Staff & labour quarter should be made in the west or south east corner.
-Electricity or transformer should be made in the south east corner of the farm. This brings good harvest for he farm over.
-Animal should be on the west or north west direction of the farm. Animal should be placed in such a way that they faces north or east when tied with th rope. No animal should face south in the farm.
-The Compound wall for the farm should be made in such a way that it has higher & thicker wall on south & west than east & north.
-Grow tulsi in the North east corner of the farm.
-Buying the new farm attached to existing property in the north or east is highly beneficial.
-Well at the south west may result in to serious illness or death of the owner.
-Well at the south east of the farm may result in to bankruptcy, theft.