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Vastu Shastra for Home, House, Apartment

Vastu for home

Vastu shastra for Home - Vastu for House

Vastu home design

In modern living, where the environment at macro level is highly influenced by many factors beyond our control, micro level energy correction done with empowered remedies can effectively bring in and retain health, wealth, harmony and happiness in the life. In 75 per cent of the existing house or business places, there is no need for major demolition or reconstruction for vastu corrections. The beauty of Vastu is that you can be benefited by incorporating minor changes, which make major changes in your life.

A Vastu defect can be corrected through the changes in the rooms, through interiors of the house, by applying harmony colours, by changing the placements, by using regulators & remedies. Every vastu defect has some kind of remedy and if taken properly, the happiness and peace comes back in the life again.
Vastu helps you to converts the living or working spaces in a particular order that sets an equation between cosmic energies and the people living/working in the premises to ensure physical, spiritual and material well being. It creates a rhythm and balance in the atmosphere to ensure a better life.

Simple & Effective Remedies are Available Online at like Vastu Pyramids, Helix, Healing Crystals, Vastu Items & Products & Yantras etc

Important points to be considered while following Vastu shastra for Home / House :-

1. Location of the Entrance - Auspicious door brings success, prosperity & good luck to home owner
2. Location of the prayer zone - True location brings peace & tranquility
3. Surrounding of the home - External environment could impact house owner's fate
4. Shape of the House - Irregular shape creates vastu faults
5. Location of the Living Room,Master Bedroom, Kids Bedroom, Guest room
6. Location of the kitchen and internal arrangement-Correct location brings abundance of wealth
7. Location of the Electronic gadgets like Computer, T V, Heaters etc
8. Direction of the Toilets-Health may suffer if placed incorrectly
9. Colour's for the Interior-Go for combination of vibrant, cool & energetic colous
10. Direction of lower/higher zone
11. Internal arrangement of Each room
12. Location of staircase in case of Independant home
13. Garden & plantation
14. Shape of the furniture
15. Paintings & home decor
16. Energizing a home for peace and prosperity
17. Apart from these there are 100's of other factors we consider.
18. In addition to above following placements/locations also needs a considerations:-.
Vastu for staircase, Ceiling, Bed, beam & pillars, Air conditioners, Pets, Bathroom pot, curtains, dressing mirrors, Basement, book shelves, home gymnasium, sofa, furniture, walls, utility room, name plate, number of doors, kids children room, Master Bed room, Bathroom & toilets,Balconies, Dining room, Living & Drawing room, Gate, Exteriors, Plants & Garden, Garage, Store, Guest room, Home Colours, Terrace,Temple, Interiors, Kitchen, Locker room, Medical room, Open Patio / Verandah, Porch, Temple or Pooja room, Roof and its slope, Flooring, Paintings, pictures, Overhead, Drainage, Septic Tank, Servant Room, Study room, Study desk Table, fountain, Swimming Pool,Living Rooms, Laundry Rooms, Closet, Toilet, Bathroom, Driveway, Attic, Frontyard, Backyard,fireplace, Vastu Internal Arrangements, Well and Tube Well,Swimming Pool, Windows, Sink, Fridge, Main electric points, LCD & TV, Laptop & Computers, Mobile, Fish Tank etc.
We offer Vastu Shastra Consultancy Services for Studio, flats, weekend homes, Apartments,single family house, town home,townhouses, condominium, duplexes and fourplexes Homes / Houses , Mansion, Bungalow,country house,villa, Penthouse,Terraced houses, house, Cottages,etc

Vastu Shastra for Home / House facing North, South, East, West, North West, North East, South West, South East.
Get the Vastu Shastra expert advice for your home. We want that your home helps you to achieve new heights in your life. Contact us to avail the best vastu shastra services at Affordable prices

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