Vastu Shastra for Movie, Cinema, Hall

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Vastu Shastra for Movie, Cinema, Hall  Vastu Shastra for Movie, Cinema, Hall

Vastu Shastra for Movie, Cinema, Hall
Nowadays movie Theatres are offering wide screen entertainment with superb surround sound and Dolby Stereo systems that adds to a great viewing experience. The conversion of Cinema Halls to Multiplexes began with the idea of providing multiple movie theatres showing various movies under single roof and also to convert a single screen movie hall into a multiplex that houses from 2 or more movie halls as one would notice in an auditorium that has been split into separate areas which houses their individual halls. This offer the viewers with an informed choice of watching whichever movie they prefer to, be it an Indian, Regional or International Movie, all available under one roof. It is very easy and simple to follow vastu principles during the construction of multiplex cinemas.
Important points to be considered while following Vastu shastra for movie cinema Complex :-
Surrounding of the Cinema Hall i.e. Road, water bodies, hill etc.
Shape of the plot of builing
Main Entrance of the Movie Hall
Parking area
Screen Direction
Seating direction for the viewers
Exterior Design of the mall
Location of staircase and lifts
Showroom entrances
Washroom location
Location of water body
Eating area
Power generator, electrical panels