Vastu Shastra for Prayer or pooja Room, Temple

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puja room vastu   Vastu Shastra for Prayer or pooja Room, Temple

vastu for pooja room

One Feels Peaceful & Relaxed at the Tranquility zone of the house / home which is mandir / temple / pooja room from this crowded and busy world. It works by creating an atmosphere in which mind, body and spirit are soothed and made tranquil.
According to Vaastu Shastra norms, the northeast corner zone is most suitable for the prayer room or home temple. If you do not have the space to allocate an entire room for this purpose, dedicate a small area on the east wall of North-east zone of the house.
Some Pooja room vastu tips:
1) The Deity / God or Photographs should be positioned in such a way that you face east while praying towards it. West is the second best location.
2) The Lamp or Diya can be placed in the south east corner.
3) Photographs (pictures) of dead people or ancestors should not be kept in the prayer room.
4) Pooja room neat, clean and clutter free.
5) This room should be strictly used for prayer and meditation.
6) Due to shortage of space, some people keep a small wall-mounted temple in the bedroom or kitchen. A curtain should be placed in front of it when it is not in use.
7) The temple should not share a wall with the toilet of the house. 8) Soft Religious Music & Bhajan should be played during morning and late evening hours
9) Temple made in special material is recommended for Multi-fold Prosperity
10) Navgraha Pyramid in Temple is good.