Case Study-2, Attracting marriage proposal

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  Case Study-2, Attraction marriage proposal

Vastu for Marriage Proposals

As a vastu consultant, I have met with many clients worried about their young son or daughter for their timely marriage.
One of my business client who stays in vashi ( navi Mumbai) has called me for specific issue related to his daughter marriage. Since we have already done his house vastu complaint two years back, need was to energize a daughters bed room. We also some time introduce a feng shui blends along with the vastu to have a quick and positive result during our consultations.
We have introduce a relationship colours in the bed room along with the images which depicts the male energy. Vastu enhancers like relationship energy plates, harmony crystals were utilzed to bring auspicious energy.
Simply it took about two months to show its results. His daughter got married with an industrialist from the Surat.
Even if anyone having love life very inactive, vastu offers some simple solutions for better relationship. A small change in your environment can bring wonderful moments in your married life.