Over 90% buyers prefer vastu compliant homes

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team member   Planned to perfection-Buy perfect Vastu property

Buy perfect Vastu property

Buy a rectangular or square plot of land. Avoid plots with any major corner extensions and corner cuts. It is auspicious to have more open space in the east or north of the house or plot.The plot or house having road on the east-north directions is better place for prosperity.
According to Vaastu, the most favorable and beneficial main entrances in the house or business premises are those in the northeast, east or north direction. The sun rays are vital for the sustenance of life on earth; and the rays early in the morning from the east emitting more light and less heat are the best.
Doors and windows in the east would allow the suns ultra violet rays to penetrate into the house, bestowing their benefits to the inmates of the house.
The prayer room should be ideally located in the northeast corner of the house.
The lamp should be in the south east and water should be placed in the north east side of the temple.
Always make it a point to remove broken statues & spoiled pictures from the prayer area.
The living room and dining area should be ideally located in the North, East, or Northeast portion of the house.