North facing House/Homes/Plot Vastu

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North facing House   Vastu shastra tips for North facing Plot

North facing House Vastu

Direction north is ruled by Lord Kubera, a god of wealth. North facing House/properties are the first choice of the business community. It is very easy to fit all the vastu requirements while planning a north facing house. Location of the Main entrance, Kitchen, Bed rooms, Open Space, Living Room / Area,Dining Room, Toilet, Temple / Mandir, Swimming Pool, Garage, Gym,Terrace, staircase, garden etc. are simple to accommodate in north facing house.
Vastu Tips
-Leave more open space towards the North & East while making a constructions. More open space towards south and west is a vastu defect and should be rectified by using a cut off method by using a vastu pyramid strip
-Leave minimum space towards South & West while planning a house on north facing plot.
-Avoid heavy pillar on the North East side while making a house.
-Provide maximum windows on North or East side of the construction.
-Avoid any arch on the door or window. It is highly inauspicious.
-Provide open terrace towards the North with more construction towards the south. Open terrace in any other direction should be corrected by element balancer.
-Provide roof slope towards the North or East direction of the plot. Use pyramid arrows incase of reverse water slope.
-Provide under ground tank at North East section of the house. Water tank in any other direction should be cut off by vastu shift arrow and vastu corners.
-Do not make any septic tank at North-East, south-east or south-west corner of the plot. Location of septic tank in these direction is a serious vastu defect. Use vastu pyramid partitions strips for correction.
-Provide garage towards the north-West side of the plot or house.
-Do not place toilet, staircase, wall, pillar or kitchen in center of the house. This is a major vastu defect.
-Avoid plot with T junction from the any side. T junction brings various troubles to the occupants. It should be corrected by cut off method with copper pyramid divider.
-Avoid veedhi shoola projecting to the North-West corner of the plot.
-Avoid any projection in the plot (Except North East to the extent of 10%). It can be rectified by using a pyramid strips to cut off the projection.
-Make sure that internal arrangement during the construction period is made according to the vastu guidelines
Get vastu opinion, before you buy a plot

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