Seeking solutions- When to consult for vastu

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team member   Seeking solutions- When to consult for vastu

Vastu Expert

The circumstances under which people seek help from a vaastu consultant
You need a vastu help if you are:-
Deciding how to set up your new home
Have health problems
Buying a new property
Looking for a mate
Have family problems
Changing careers
Starting a new career
Looking for financial prosperity

Symptoms that indicate you may be suffering due to bad vastu
Constant tiredness, continued sickness
Unwanted negative thoughts, always thinking the worst.
Money comes in but goes out just as quick.
Constant arguments with partner and children.
Legal and lawsuit problems.
Behavioral or education problems with children.
Troubled relationships.
Exhaustion, depression and nervousness.
Stale, lack of direction or motivation.
Overall feeling of bad luck.

The right vastu can help by improving:
Relationship and romance.
Health and well-being.
Increased stamina.
Wealth, business and career.
Family & business relationship.
Fame and reputation.
State of mind.
Personal ambitions.
Prevent unseen obstacles.
Children's development, academic and confidence