Do not invite problems to stay in your house

7 Worst Vastu Home Features

A Fantastic part about Vastu Shastra is that it can change unfavorable to a Favorable. A simple example, a person who is reasonably talented, smart, qualified, and working very hard- Why doesn’t he or she is successful? Maybe it has nothing to do with that person but rather, the space they surround. It’s their space vibrations. For some people, it is difficult to believe that their abode is influencing their lives. But how can you know this? You could feel it.
Vastu shastra, a pure cosmic science can quickly point out how you are getting a bad impact in your life by living in bad Vastu homes. Five Vastu elements, i.e. earth, water, fire, space & wind are very powerful natural forces. When they are placed in an incorrect manner, effects are harmful. (sometimes very severe). Our home combined with energy represents our life either in good or bad ways.

We give you seven worst Vastu home feature that needs your quick attention. If some of these features exist in your home, then you might be suffering in your life because of them.

1. Sleeping under the overhead beam

sleeping under overhead beam vastuThe overhead beam causes health challenges for the person. It generates a downward cutting energy flow. Beam over the bed creates a feeling of pressure above you. A part of the body that is continuously exposed under the beam may experience the impact of suppressed energy. For example, a person lying in bed with a stomach under the feet may experience digestive problems. If a beam hangs over the head, a person may have a migraine problem.

2. T-Junction or Dead End Road

t junction veedhi shoola vastuPremises located at T junction falls under the significant Vastu defect category according to the Vastu Shastra. The Situation When a house faces a T-junction, it is like a gun being pointed straight at the home. The T-junction acts like a funnel drawing negative energies towards the house. People staying in such homes are always in troubles. Business premises located at the T junction will face instability. Pollution will be at high intensity at T junction.
Like T junction, sure dead-end road (veedhi shoola) directions also has a severe impact on the house owners. Home or business properties with the road ending at the north of north-west, east of south-east, west of south-west and south of south-west needs stronger space healing Vastu corrections or remedies. Click here to read the complete article on how T-junction impacts your home & life as per Vastu.

3. Kitchen in the North-East or South-West