Altering office energy

Did you know that many billionaires consult renowned vastu experts before moving to a new office or buying a property?  Whether you intend to purchase or rent a new office, therefore it is always advisable to have a vastu evaluation before you sign on the dotted line.

Office Environment as per Vastu

More than 50% of employees  believes that t report they believehey are working in toxic environment. Such environemnt is creates by the co-workers as well as  surrounding architecture. Negative space planning makes difficult for employees  to work and concentrate.  Negative space dent peoples motivation,  which is bad for any type of business. Bad workplaces lead to sickness.

According to Vastu, positive orientation of desk, colours, artwork and space planing can be instrumental in inviting  wonderful energy in any space. Positive environment  around the work area makes people innovative, productive  and positive. Also, company may be able to attract the top talent. Study shows that such harmonious space can foster positive relationships among employees.

Case study- Office corrections for the Andheri Office, Mumbai

Altering office energy vastu

Vastu findings:-

  • The Layout shows missing corner towards the north-east. According to the vastu, cut towards the north-east falls under the “serious vastu defect” category. It causes undue delay in the business projects.
  • There is an overhead beam above the master cabin. Beams over the desk is a major Vastu defect.  It generates stress in the office environment.
  • Layout has a faulty seating arrangement. Few staff members faces south while working on their desk.  Due to this, it results in to poor performance and frequent absenteeism.

Vastu corrections – Altering office energy:-

  • The Reception area and main office should be made with the two rectangular Vastu shapes.
  • Conceal beam with a false ceiling. Also, install a  cork swastika before fixing a false ceiling.
  • Replan a Desk orientation, conference room, server room, canteen and also a washrooms.
  • Enhance south-west direction with earth cubes.

Case study- Office corrections for the  Kandivali Office, Mumbai

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