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/Altering office energy- Vastu corrections
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Did you know that many billionaires consult renowned vastu experts before moving  to new office or buying a property?  Whether you intend to purchase or rent a new office, therefore it is  always advisable to have a vastu evaluation before you sign on the dotted line.

Office corrections for the Andheri Office, Mumbai

Vastu findings:-

  • Layout shows missing  corner towards the north east. According to the vastu, cut towards the  north east falls under the “serious vastu defect” category. It causes undue  delay in the business projects.
  • There is a overhead beam above the master cabin. Beams over the desk is a major vastu defect.  It generates stress in the office environment.
  • Layout has a faulty seating arrangements. Few staff members  faces south while working on their desk.  Due to this, it result in  Poor performance &  absenteeism.

Vastu corrections:-

  • Reception  area and main office should be  made with the two rectangular vastu shapes.
  • Conceal beam  with a false ceiling.  Also install a copper beam swastika before fixing a false ceiling.
  • Replan a Desk orientation, conference room, server room, canteen and  also a wash rooms.
  • Enhance south west direction with earth cubes.

Office corrections for the  Kandivali Office, Mumbai

Vastu findings:-

  • Layout shows flooring of the open terrace towards the north is  higher than south zone. Therefore  it creates reverse slope towards the south.  (Effects:- Delay in projects)
  • There is a overhead beam above the desk. Beam above the owner’s cabin is a major vastu defect. (Effects:-stress in office environment)
  • Layout indicates a missing of eastern  zone. (Effect:- lack of social connectivity)
  • Proposed plan has a toilet towards the  South-West, which  is highly inauspicious.  Toilet is very harmful in a zone of  master element. ( Financial Losses)

Vastu corrections:-

  • Vastu surgery techniques should be applied, since major breakages are not possible.
  • Conceal a beam with false ceiling. Also install copper beam swastika before fixing a false ceiling.
  • Server has been shifted towards the south east to bring a strong  fire element, since fire is an important element for money flow.
  • Finally director’s  cabin has been enhanced by decorating with earth colours.

Office corrections for the  Nariman Point Office, Mumbai

Vastu findings:-

  • Floor plan shows a main door  falling  under the ” inauspicious zone ” i.e. south- west of south. (Effects:-More expenditures, Less saving)
  • Layout shows employees facing towards the South West direction while working on their desk. Due to this their performance will be very poor and below an average. (Effects:-Poor performance, less office energy)
  • Toilet towards the  north may create financial obstacles for a company.( Vastu Marmasthan- Mukh Marma)(Effects:-Lack of money)
  • Mirrors in the South West doubles the negative energy flow in the office premises. (Effects:- Work stress)

Vastu corrections:-

  • Owner of the office should draw a 9 x 9 vastu swastika as mention in ancient vastu book.
  • Owner’s cabin has been shifted towards the south west to have a more strength. (vastu element-earth).
  • Mirror has been covered with the mountain wall paper, so it does not give impression of extension.
  • Toilet block  been corrected wth the  vastu partition strips and also a mountain salt.
  • Finally, all important areas has been  enhanced with the vastu energy crystals.

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