Altering office energy

Did you know that many billionaires consult renowned vastu experts before moving to a new office or buying a property?  Whether you intend to purchase or rent a new office, therefore it is always advisable to have a vastu evaluation before you sign on the dotted line.

Office corrections for the Andheri Office, Mumbai

Altering office energy vastu

Vastu findings:-

  • The Layout shows missing corner towards the north-east. According to the vastu, cut towards the north-east falls under the “serious vastu defect” category. It causes undue delay in business projects.
  • There is an overhead beam above the master cabin. Beams over the desk is a major vastu defect.  It generates stress in the office environment.
  • Layout has a faulty seating arrangement. Few staff members faces south while working on their desk.  Due to this, it results in Poor performance &  absenteeism.

Vastu corrections – Altering office energy:-

  • The Reception area and main office should be made with the two rectangular vastu shapes.
  • Conceal beam with a false ceiling. Also, install a copper beam swastika before fixing a false ceiling.
  • Replan a Desk orientation, conference room, server room, canteen and also a washrooms.
  • Enhance south-west direction with earth cubes.

Office corrections for the  Kandivali Office, Mumbai

office vastu

Vastu findings:-

  • The Layout shows flooring of the open terrace towards the north is higher than south zone. Therefore it creates a reverse slope towards the south.  (Effects:- Delay in projects)
  • There is an overhead beam above the desk. Beam above the owner’s cabin is a major vastu defect. (Effects:-stress in the office environment)
  • Layout indicates a missing of eastern zone. (Effect:- lack of social connectivity)
  • The Proposed plan has a toilet towards the South-West, which is highly inauspicious.  Toilet is very harmful in a zone of master element. ( Financial Losses)

Vastu corrections | Altering office energy :-

  • Vastu surgery techniques should be applied since major breakages are not possible.
  • Conceal a beam with a false ceiling. Also, install copper beam swastika before fixing a false ceiling.
  • The Server has been shifted towards the south-east to bring a strong  fire element since fire is an vital element for money flow.
  • Finally director’s cabin has been enhanced by decorating with earth colors.

Office corrections for the  Nariman Point Office, Mumbai

vastu for office

Vastu findings:-

  • The Floor plan shows the main door falling under the “inauspicious zone” i.e. south-west of south. (Effects:-More expenditures, Less saving)
  • The Layout shows employees facing towards the South-West direction while working on their desk. Due to this, their performance will be very poor and below an average. (Effects:-Poor performance, less office energy)
  • Toilet towards the north may create financial obstacles for a company. (Vastu Marmasthan- Mukh Marma)(Effects:-Lack of money)
  • Mirrors in the South West doubles the negative energy flow in the office premises. (Effects:- Work stress)

Vastu corrections | Altering office energy:-

  • Owner of the office should draw a 9 x 9 vastu swastika as mention in ancient vastu book.
  • Owner’s cabin has been shifted towards the south-west to have more strength. (vastu element-earth).
  • Mirror has been covered with the mountain wallpaper, so it does not give the impression of extension.
  • Toilet block been corrected with the vastu partition strips and also a mountain salt.
  • Finally, all critical areas has been enhanced with the vastu energy crystals.

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