bedroom vastuBedroom Vastu – According to Vastu Shastra, the bedroom is considered as a power spot. Location of the same indicates strength and wealth for the owner of the house. Therefore highly successful people design their bedroom based on Vastu principles for the quality of sleep.  A bedroom will help to rejuvenate you throughout the night and so allow you to wake up refreshed if same is Vastu compliant. Most noteworthy, your bedroom is your comfort zone. There are different bedroom location for the owner of the house, kids, guest and also servants. It should be located in south-west, north-west, north-east and south-east based on the Vastu principles. e.g. children may become dominant if they are assigned a south-west bedroom.

Effect of the Poor/Sick Bedroom Location – Bedroom Vastu

  • Bad health
  • Lack of sleep
  • Fatigue as well as depression
  • Continuous stress
  • Poor memory
  • Stressful as well as short Relationship
  • Negative Thoughts
  • Money/Finance Problem

The primary purpose of the bedroom is to have a rejuvenating rest/sleep.

  1. Always keep right legs on the floor upon rising from bed in the morning.
  2. Switch off the data/wifi mode of the mobile. Avoid mobile phones near your bed. Too many electronic gadgets in the bedroom produce harmful vibrations. Avoid office work in the bedroom. To reap more productivity next day, turn off those high-end gadgets-laptops, cell phones, ipads etc. an hour before you go to bed.
  3. Avoid bedroom towards the south-east. It indicates arguments and misunderstandings between the couple.
  4. Place your bed with a clear view of the room entrance. Reason- what you see you can control.
  5. Always keep the bathroom door closed to keep negative energy flow restricted.
  6. Avoid stuff which is negative under the bed. Any emotional clutter or physical clutter has no place under the bed. Avoid things under the bed which does not induce sound sleep. Keep only bed linen.
  7. The bed should be made of natural material. The metal bed must be avoided.
  8. Avoid bed sharing a wall with a toilet.
  9. Enhance southwest with earth element activators, it will add to more positivity as well as prosperity. Crystal earth cubes, citrine crystals, lead blocks, etc. are few but effective energizers for the south-west zone.
  10. Avoid non-inspiring artwork in the bedroom. Use paintings of a mountain in the bedroom which gives a feeling of security as well as strength.

Many of our clients have confirmed that Vastu techniques for bedroom Vastu have improved their marriages and strengthened relationship with children’s & friends.

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