Energize your personal surrounding with Crystals – Crystal for Vastucrystal for vastu

Crystals are the tools for communication, between humans and the earth. It connects our place elements with the earth’s energies. Crystal Quartz stimulates the atmosphere and energy flow, making your space more enjoyable. One of the main functions of the Crystal for Vastu is to cleanse and transmute negative energies. Manasara as well as Mayamatam has a chapter on ratnadyay (gems) indicating a chart of direction, ruling planet, the gem of the ruling planet, and mantra.

Using crystals in the home

A carefully placed Crystal for Vastu can magically transform its surroundings & Vastu strength of your home. Wearing or simply placing a crystal in close proximity, can boost your personal energy, clean the space, and attract more prosperity. Some specific crystals are recommended to attract love, boost confidence, and, also increase mental abilities.

Crystal for Vastu makes your dream come true or resolve current happiness. They work very efficiently when programmed and dedicated to a specific purpose. Crystals are a gift from mother earth and should be approached with due respect.

When you use a crystal for Vastu i.e. your space healing (Vastu corrections), the crystal’s vibration tunes into the malfunctioning emissions of the affected area and gently corrects them, making you feel healthier and re-energized.

The most noteworthy, strong energetic field of natural crystal releases long-held emotional fears.

Protecting your entrance

hematite-crystal-bronzeYou need a strong shield from unwanted or negative minded visitors to your home. Hematite rock near the door neutralized the bad energy that people bring with them. Always trust the curative power of the crystal. Place hematite in the bronze bowl near the entrance. It is a powerful protector deflecting unpleasant energies.

Crystal for money

Citrine is a stone for wealth.  It will draw money and good fortune.  Keep a large cluster of citrine rock near your working desk to attract prosperity into your life. Citrine is a powerful crystal for Vastu corrections as well as enhancing the south-west zone.

Silencing your noisy neighbors or colleague with moonstone

You may be amazed at what a Crystal for Vastu can do to help you, even in the most irritating situations. Hold a white moonstone or smoky quartz stone in your hand for a few minutes and ask to silence unwanted noise and interruptions. Within a few days, you will find the disturbing noise lessens and serenity takes its place.

Love and Harmony