Vastu Tips for East Facing House, Plots, Homes, Property

Vastu Tips for East Facing House

Vastu Tips for East Facing House

east-facing-vastu-plan-homeDirection East is one of the most auspicious direction according to Vastu. Sunrises from the east, and hence it brings powerful positive energy to the house or plot facing east.  House facing east has maximum prana. A Brahm Muhurat energy is entering from the direction East. It is the soul of life. East represents sound health, a healthy mind, and prosperity to all. As a result, East facing House/Homes/Office/Plots/Properties are sold very quickly and therefore are always in demand. 

The Entire family will get the benefit of the house facing east. It brings progress, tranquility, harmony & also the good fortune to all members.

Vastu Tips for East Facing House – Home – Property – Plot

  • Leave more open space towards the east along with the north while making a construction.
  • The main gate towards the center of the east or northeast part of the plot is very auspicious.
  • Provide an underground water body in the northeast part of the plot to have stronger water element properties.
  • Provide a slope toward the northeast direction of the plot.
  • Make a lower boundary wall at the north as well as the east side of the plot.
  • Make a higher boundary wall at the south and west side of the plot.
  • Avoid plot with T junction from any side. Most noteworthy, T junction plots are avoided by most of all Vastu believers.
  • Avoid veedhi shoola projecting to the south-east corner of the plot.
  • Do not plant a tall tree towards the east which will obstruct the morning beneficial sun rays.
  • Do not buy any property attached to your plot towards the south or west direction.
  • Buying a property attached to your plot towards the north adds more value to your property and hence brings more prosperity.
  • Avoid any projection in the plot (Except Northeast to the extent of 10%)
  • Make sure that the internal arrangement during the construction period is made according to the Vastu guidelines.
  • In case of an apartment or flat, place five elements as per Vastu’s directions.

These are general tips and a detailed house chart is required.