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Online Vastu Report :- ( Send Sketch or layout plant of home/office for E-consultation)
Get online vastu report of your premises prepared by our vastu experts.
To prepare this ,we need following informations:-
– A sketch or layout of the premises
– Surrounding of the site i.e. Road, River, Religious place, neighbours etc.
– Photographs of the site
On receipt of the above details, we will be preparing a complete vastu report of your premises.

Vastu Consultation Fees for E-consultation

Consultancy fees paid for vastu is much more rewarding and gives you real long lasting effects. We advice you on physical environment structuring, re-design, new alignments – to make the things better so that your life and lives of your staff or family works with full spirit, enthusiasm and thus results into positive progress. So, you will wonder – why you haven’t had a vastu consultation before.
Our office is in the Mumbai, so, if you are located other than the above area or live overseas, the consultation will include traveling & accommodation expenses (incase of site visit) on actual basis.
To get the quotation of our services , provide the following information :-
– The measurement of your premises i.e. size of plot/buidling
– Proposed or ready build up area
– Number of floors
– Number of rooms
– Location of your Site
We will get back to you usually within 24 hours.

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Nitien Parmar has a team of experts who looks after vastu designs, Clients Feedback, I. T., Marketing and back office work.

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