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Industrial Vastu Case Study, Odisha

There are some locations which you can think of them as coming with a vastu Warranty. They may need to be tuned with to accommodate your industry and maximize its potential. We always recommend a site which has a strong vastu. Our research shows that only about 20 to 25% of the industries are designed and constructed without keeping vastu in account end up having good potential, and they still need a tunning afterwards. So imagine what happens when you just choose your location without keeping vastu shastra in consideration. Are you really ready to deal with the hidden energies?. There are chances that no sooner had the construction begun than the trouble also appeared on the horizon – construction gets delayed for several months or there may be lack of co ordination between the architects, contractors and client.
Vastu plays a key role while setting up a new industrial unit. Location and planning of the industries
There has been a great industrial activities in the orissa (odisha) nowdays due to availability of natural resources in the state. The concept of vastu has gained wide acceptance in the industrial sector.
We have recently visited a site situated at Jharsuguda , Orrisa. Jharsuguda is well conntected by railway network . The nearest airport is a bhubaneshwar & raipur.
A client has bought the plot few months ago.
We have planned a vastu consultation for this plant in three stages :-

Stage one

Selection of site:-
Selection of the site is very important while considering to buy a unit as per vastu shastra.
Site was a plain table top land with lots of green vegetation – Positive
The land has a approach road from the north zone- Positive
The shape of the plot was irregular – Negative
The energy testing done with dowsing pendulum and rod was showing a positive vibration at the site.
Since it was possible to make a correction as per vastu in the plot, we have recommended to buy this plot for industrial activities.

Stage two

Since this was an open flat land, the only correction required was to make it in a proper rectangular shape. Irregular shape or extention or cut in any area need a careful vastu correction. We have adviced to make a physical boundry as well as virtual boundry to make it in a vastu complaint shape.


Based on survey of the plot and correction, the final vastu layout was prepared with the help of engineers and architect. The location of main gate, Heavy machinery, Boiler, D G Sets, Raw material area, Finished goods Warehouse /godown , store Room, wash rooms, Canteen & administrative offices were planned in this stage.

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