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Vastu Case Study, Silvassa vapi daman , Industrial

Beautiful industrial town Silvassa is located on border of Gujarat and Maharastra surrounded by industrial town silvassa vapi daman,  is a beautiful capital of the union territory , Dadra and Nagar Haveli. It is a big attraction of industrialists due to free taxfree status initially provided by the government. Growth of silvassa in past three decades was due to presence of many industries from fields like chemicals, textiles, paints , engineering goods etc. Team vastuplus were invited by an industrialist to analyse the property from vastu point of view & provide opinion.

team member

1. Shape of the plot was highly irregular with many corners , extentions and cuts.
2. Plot has a main access from south direction with small road from the east makes it average plot to buy.
3. Level of the plot was uneven.
4. No geopathic stress was noticed by scanning with dowsing rod.

Vastu corrections for stage one (plot planning) :

1. It was recommend to make a two parts of the plot in a proper vastu shape leaving excess margin for the the outer landscaping.
2. Higher boundry was adviced towards the south and access to the plot is made from the east by making a road further broad.
3. Level of plot should be made higher at west with further higher towards the south west to enhance the vastu strength of the plot

Vastu Energy efficient techniques:-
1. Under space clearing method, plot should be purified from any negative energies of the previous occupants.
2. Under the zone balancing method, water element should be enhanced by making a water cannel towards the north east.
3. Green zone ( placing auspicious trees and plants ) were recommend to be covered under the architect planning for the industrial layout towards north and east.
4. Fortune door (main gate) was marked so there can not be any obstacle during the planning and construction of the site.

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