Installation of Copper pyramid in House or Business place

/Installation of Copper pyramid in House or Business place
Installation of Copper pyramid in House or Business place2018-08-27T11:36:41+00:00

Installation of  Vastu Copper pyramid in House or Business place

The word “pyramid” is composed of the Greek words “pyra” meaning fire, light, the cosmic energy or Universal Life force and the word “mid” meaning at the middle. Vastu copper pyramid is a innovative tool used for vastu cure as well as to attract positive flow of energy inside the home or work place.

Apex of the pyramid  acts as an antenna &  harnesses a cosmic energy. A pyramid having   closed or open sides, creates a vital centre of electromagnetic energy.  Build pyramid according to the same proportional dimensions as of the Great Pyramid of Giza to work it efficiently. Also  align pyramid to  straight sides facing true north. You will  derive maximum benefits.

New Vastu Copper pyramid plate is a unique combination of 81 pyramids. Installation of this pyramid plate is very easy. It can be fixed inside the flooring, concealed or placed in the  ceiling of the premises.

Advantage & uses of vastu copper pyramid :-

  • Pyramid is a source of cosmic power. Install  vastu copper pyramid to energize your house or business place with a positive flow of energy.
  • Vastu pyramid plate will harmonise the energy filed of your house in positive way, if site has a vastu defect.
  • Even if your house or business place is as per Vastu shastra, this vastu pyramid energy plate will multiply the good vibrations inside the premises.
  • Use Vastu pyramid to prepare pyramid water which can be sprinkled in the entire location to  get more pyramid power.
  • Fix or conceal copper pyramid  in the ceiling when you are not able to conceal or place inside the flooring.  This will you can hide the vastu pyramid from public view.
  • Correct various vastu defects related to missing corner and inauspicious door direction  with the with vastu pyramids. Itia helpful in removing defect related to  location of toilets.
  • Keep pyramid  if you have a master bed room in the South east corner in your house.
  • Use copper pyramid around the water tank , if located towards the south west or south east zone of your space.
  • Fix pyramids in the ceiling of your bed room if you have a kitchen, toilet on the upper floor.
  • Use vastu pyramid on the boundary wall if you find T junction projecting to your house.

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