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Introduction of Vastu Shastra

Today environment has gained importance due to over all pollution of air, water and land. A common man feels more stressed and unsatisfied inspite of having a lot more as compared to the old times.
The cosmic energy on the earth will be vibrant & positive if there is a proper alignment of five natural forces i.e. Earth, Water, wind, Fire & Aaksah (Space). A purity and vibrations are well balanced if above elements are in harmony. Imbalance of these forces creates an imbalance in the environment resulting in to harmful impacts on the human life on the earth.
Hence, Vastu Shastra which balances five basic elements of nature namely water, fire, air, sky and earth has become a necessity now. The fundamental principles of Vastu Shastra can be easily tuned, extended and modernized to meet needs of the day because basic needs of the man never change. Vastu Shastra has become more relevant for the modern man. Lord bramha Created the world and then appointed Lord vishwa karma to formulate a system of planning and architecture with the specific rules. This was the beginning of the Vastu Shastra. Vastu Shastra Literally means the science of architecture but its is much more than architecture it also takes into account various other factors like Surrounding environment, plantation, Shape, Size, colour, directions , elevations, earth energies etc.

With good vastu, people will enjoy with following advantages:-

Excellent fortune
Sound health
Growth of children

With bad vastu, people will suffer from the following problems:-

Financial problems
Poor luck for children
Loss in business
Difficulties to conceive child
Good fortune earlier but suddenly strike with calamities
No success inspite of good effort
Any person who wanted to avoid the above mishaps should not delay in seeking an advice from experienced vastu expert.

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