Industrial Vastu Consultation- Jalgaon

Vastu Shastra is the practice of analyzing and influencing the interaction between people, premises and the environment in order to enhance prosperity and progress. Many of India’s top industries knows and uses Vastu techniques for its long term benefits. Industrial Vastu is a top priority for many businessmen while planning a new unit. Team Vastu plus have visited a new industrial shed in the MIDC area, Jalgaon to provide Vastu evaluation and planning for the new food industrial plant.

Key Vastu parameters and criteria should be kept in mind while designing a layout for  new set up. It will naturally boost the prosperity generating a capacity of the business.

Plot findings

  • We find more open space in the south compared to north area of the plot. This could create a quality issue for the Company. If not corrected, it may pause the project during the initial stage.
  • The plot has access from southeast of the south which is found to be positive as per Vastu.
  • The magnetic axis was aligned to compass direction at degree.

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Shed Findings

  • The shed has multiple entrances from the south as well as north.
  • The construction of the shed was such that it has more length in east-west compared to the north-south direction.

Suggestions for the plot

  • vastu-shed-industrialMake bathroom towards the North-west section of the plot (NWW)
  • Build a wall towards the south, so open space is reduced compared to the north direction. The thickness of the wall towards the south should be more compared to the north wall.
  • Make a huge water body at the north of Northeast or east of the Northeast direction of the plot. Waterbody at the northeast act as a natural stress reliever. The bigger the water body, the more the prosperity attracted.
  • Provide slope towards the northeast. It paves a way for expansion in the near future.

Suggestions for shed


  • Close the doors towards the south and southwest. If these doors a