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A kitchen that motivates you to cook

The kitchen is the place where the meals are created–it fuels the bodies, minds, and souls of family and guests. According to Vastu shastra, the health and prosperity of the family highly depend upon the kitchen arrangement. More the pleasant, welcoming and efficient your kitchen, healthier & prosperous you are.  It is popularly known as a hub of the home.  It is a bonding space that ties your home together with a loved one. 

A  positive space helps a person to cook tirelessly in preparing delicious and nutritious meals. Energetically it governs abundance and well-being since it is where we are nourished both physically and emotionally. Many people believe that cooking is a holy activity, analogous to delivering an offering of love—and making the kitchen a sort of temple. Kitchens can be very inspiring. A well-organized kitchen is a happy place that makes you want to spend time there, and in turn, encourages cooking. 

Kitchen Location as per Vastu Shastra

Which direction is best for the kitchen?

According to Vishwakarma Prakash Chapter-2, Shloka-94, the kitchen should be located in a fire corner (south-east) of the house.   Fire is the most important element of Vastu shastra. Abodes with their kitchen in the south-east are always flourishing.

kitchen vastu shastra

  • Location of kitchen other than South-East direction will result into frequent complaints about the food from the family members as well as guests. It will have a negative impact on your ability to cook and enjoy healthy, nourishing food.
  • A kitchen in the North-East direction of the house brings continuous illness to family members. Also, people experience more serious misfortune.  
  • Location of the kitchen in the south or south-west may invite health issues to the female members of the family.
  • You will have a huge list of problems if you have a kitchen in the center of your house. 

 Is northwest good for the kitchen?

  • The kitchen at the North-West is an alternate but neutral location as per Vastu. Female members will find themselves busy in the kitchen most of the time.
  • The kitchen at northwest neither generates positive energy nor negative. 

Precautions As Per Vastu Shastra

  • Some of the duplex houses have a  bedroom above the kitchen.  According to the Vastu, this is not a good arrangement. You should either reposition a bed or a stove.
  • Avoid the toilet above the kitchen. This may pollute the living positive energy. 
  • Do not place heavy storage on the north or east wall of the kitchen.
  • It is important that your plumbing is working properly. A dripping tap or leaking pipes symbolizes that wealth is being drained from your life.
  • The toilet door just opposite the kitchen is considered unfavorable placement. You can either reposition the door or install an automatic door closer.
  • Non-working or half-working cooking stove burner will deprive you of the free flow of wealth in your home.
  • Avoid dustbin in the northeast direction of the kitchen. It will harm the positive energy of the kitchen.
  • Do not keep cooking gas facing the north or south wall of the kitchen.
  • Avoid water outlet towards the southwest corner of the kitchen.

Cluttered kitchen

  • vastu stove fire kitchen tipsIt’s hard to make food when you are faced with clutter in the kitchen. Dirty and cluttered kitchens attract decay and polluted energy.
  • Prosperity and health will not come and stay in a dirty kitchen. Keeping your kitchen neat and clean is another key aspect of harnessing all of its positive nourishing energy, according to Vastu Shastra.
  • An oily or rusted stove will only make you feel unhappy to cook. 
  • Avoid kitchen drawers from overflowing. 

Colours for kitchen as per Vastu Shastra

  • Use food colours like green, lemon yellow and, also orange, These are very supportive & nourishing colours to the fire. Avoid using black, grey, and blue on the kitchen walls. Your kitchen should be a warm, welcoming, and inviting room where you can spend some quality time cooking food for you and your family.
  • Selection of dull or unnatural colours in the kitchen can make you unhappy as well as less active.

Remedies & recommendations as per Vastu for kitchen

mint-plant-vastuVastu corrections helps you to balance and harmonize physical space.

  • Align kitchen energy by using Vastu  remedies like kitchen crystal rocks and harmony paintings.
  • Energize your house with the fire  lamps, if kitchen is not in the south east zone.
  • Grow tulasi, mint  or any other type of herbal plants in the kitchen window or balcony.
  • Use shift arrows to move kitchen virtually in desired direction. This remedy is used for kitchen placed in the north east or south-west direction.
  • Apply harmonious colours for more positive energy. The perfect combination of color  can transform your kitchen in to a nourishing space.

Vastu planned kitchen-Investing in your family’s health

Your day most likely begins in your kitchen with a cup of tea or coffee followed by energizing power breakfast. You deserve to be in a tranquil environment in the early morning.  Everyone knows that kitchen is the most expensive room in the house. Once you add up all the cost associated with countertops, cabinets, modern gadgets and appliances, it’s easy to see why this room is so special. Most important, having a Vastu planned kitchen means investing in your family’s health and togetherness. 

Other consideration

There are other thing taken in consideration while analyzing a Vastu of the kitchen i.e. storage of utensils and  food grain, dustbin & broom direction in the kitchen, overhead beam, refrigerator & sink position, water purifier location, windows, microwave oven, flooring, entrance of kitchen, taps, cooking direction, kitchen window plant, clocks, storing racks, cylinder, taps and, also windows.

Vastu case study

A highly qualified lady called  Team Vastuplus few months ago for to an Vastu Audit of her house. She was facing a relationship problem since last one year. A problem floated soon after family moved to a new place. Upon request, we have made complete analysis of her  house. Our Vastu analysis  revealed that kitchen arrangement was responsible for stress in the house.

Both the prime Vastu element i.e. fire as well as water were very closed to each other. There was hardly distance of one feet between the fire and water source. Fighting energy was active in the kitchen due to closeness of sink and stove. They were causing family members to have disagreements. It was generating tremendous stress. Sadly she has spent huge amount in the house  interior including a kitchen.


  • Install Vastu partition so as to cut off the clashing energy.
  • Keep sink area dry most of the time when not in active use.
  • Keep plants in kitchen window to generate healthy positive energy.

Finally, kitchen space should be filled with positive energy as well as aroma. A  cheerful, organized and inspiring kitchen can only mean one thing: joyful, uplifted souls that feel at home!

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