Magnetic Compass Reading

Magnetic Compass Reading

A magnetic compass is a tool that denotes directions.  A needle in a magnetic compass uses the earth’s magnetic field to point north. Based on north one can find the rest of cardinal directions. Even we have a GPS system available, a compass is still an important tool.

Do not keep a metal object or wear a metal jewelry mas this can adversely affect the accuracy of a compass reading. In a new building, lots of metals create wrong reading. You need to go through various reading including outside the building for more accuracy

There are total eight directions, each of which is further divided into three sub-directions. For example, North is divided into 15-degree subsection and are classified into N1, N2 & N3.

Take three Magnetic Compass Readings:-

Most of all vastu consultant (feng shui consultant also) recommends taking a three compass reading.

Reading-1:- Take first reading by standing stand inside the house near the door facing outside

Reading -2:-Take second reading by standing in the center of the house.

Reading-3:- Finally third reading should be taken from the corner diagonally opposite to the main door.

If you are finding a huge difference in reading then it indicates a too much presence of metal in the furniture or nearest wall.

Degree variations

A few degrees of variation can make the difference between “good locations “to “bad Location”. Observing the direction in which sun rises or sets is not an accurate enough to located true direction. A reliable & authentic compass is definitely the most essential vastu tool to arrive at accurate floor plan reading.

Mobile compass reading

For a layman, mobile compass reading is ok to arrive at some idea about the directions. But for vastu zoning and accurate degree reading, you need a good quality compass.

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