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Meet us personally (with prior appointment)

A good time for a vastu personal consultation is when you are buying, building or selling your home or business or doing renovations. It is necessary to know vastu inputs before finalizing a plan with an architect or interior designer. Based on our years of experience & research, we have developed advanced space healing techniques to improve, energize & rectify the vastu of home or offices.
Experts from vastuplus team are available for personal consultation at the Mumbai office (India) with prior appointment.
Meet us personally with a floor plan of your home or business. We will evaluate your property in detail according to the vastu shastra and suggest you a suitable vastu corrections/solutions to enhance the positive flow of energy to your premises.

Meet us personally for the following services:-

  1. Buying a new or resale house
  2. Buying a commercial property
  3. Evaluation of existing property i.e. home, office, factory
  4. Having a problem in the current location.
  5. Wanted to renovate the existing home or office
  6. Wanted to have an internal arrangement in the current location
  7. Wanted to renovate a bedroom or kitchen
  8. Wanted to check a plan made by architect or interior designer
  9. To check the plan for the property located in other town or country
  10. You have plans of property & want to decide its vastu compliance
    For appointment call 91-9987140064 Or email [email protected]


Nitien Parmar Chief Vastu Consultant

Nitien Parmar is supported by the team of experts who looks after vastu designs, Clients Feedback, I. T., Marketing and back office work.

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Nitien Parmar

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