How to rectify a non-Vastu homes?

How to rectify non-Vastu homes?

When searching for a new house, you may attempt to locate one with a superior Vastu arrangement by following these pointers. However, if you are in a location with poor Vastu, don’t panic!  You can always attempt to alter your current location and work with what you have.


If Vastu is ignored……….

If not corrected, poor Vastu can result in serious health issues, financial losses, poor reputation, divorce, bankruptcy, scandals, family disputes, losing a job, and misunderstandings, among other things.

Having bad Vastu is something you should address right away if you want to improve the quality of your life and attract good luck and fortune to your home.

Bad Vastu can cause serious problems if you are not careful. You should be able to identify the symptoms of poor Vastu.

Major Vastu defects:-

  • Entrance in the negative zone
  • Extended corner other than North East
  • Missing corner (Corner cut)
  • Bathrooms in the North-East, South-east or South-West
  • Kitchen in the North-east or Southwest
  • Load in the center (Brahmasthan)
  • Underground Waterbodies in the southeast or southwest
  • Septic tank in the north-east, south-east, or south-west
  • Elevated flooring towards north, north-east, or east
  • Negative external features like mountains, trees, electric poles, etc.

There are six signs that indicate whether your house has a  bad Vastu

  • The household is experiencing a lot of disagreement and arguing.
  • A sudden or unexpected decline in health or frequent sicknesses.
  • Sleeplessness
  • Frequent repairs and breakdowns in the house
  • Having money problems at home
  • There’s chaos in love life.

Are Vastu corrections effective?

Vastu practitioners use alterations, also known as cures, to alter the flow of energy, in space and its inhabitants. These alterations usually alter the physical environment to redirect the flow of energy in rectifying non-Vastu homes.

Tools for Vastu rectifications

Adding a plant

Adding plants to a space can help rejuvenate a particular part of your home or life, as they provide a burst of vibrant life energy. Various plants are believed to purify the air, absorb negative energy, and bring good luck.

Here are a few of the best plants as per Vastu Shastra to add to your home: –

Bamboo: Bamboo is a popular Vastu plant because it is known for its ability to grow quickly. Vastu defects related to the southeast, east, and southwest can be corrected with bamboo plants. This plant also symbolizes abundance and good fortune.

Jade Plant: An abundance of wealth is symbolized by the leaf shapes of jade plants, which are roundish and succulent. It generates positive energies and activates wealth luck. So jade can be helpful in poor financial situations.

Jasmine: Jasmine is known for its beautiful fragrance. It is believed that jasmine flowers bring joy and happiness to any relationship. If there is a stressful relationship with your partner or spouse, planting jasmine flowers in your garden can bring back harmony. Jasmine flowers have a sweet fragrance that can help reduce stress, fight anxiety, and bring serenity to any relationship.

Catharanthus roseus: The ever-blooming flower Barmasi or Catharanthus roseus is botanically known as Catharanthus roseus, also known as the “ever-blooming blossom”.


Vastu paintings have been used for centuries in Eastern cultures to create balance and harmony in the home. These art pieces can be placed in any room of your home and will provide you with a variety of different Vastu benefits.

Vastu paintings have been proven to create harmony and balance within the energy of a home or office. They can be used to cure a variety of different Vastu issues, such as bad luck and negative energy, as well as to enhance prosperity and abundance, improve romance and relationship luck, and much more. These paintings are also useful in correcting Vastu defects like missing corners, extended corners, incorrect location of bathroom etc.

Various painting is a great way to create a simple and effective Vastu cure for your home.

Balancing Five Elements

Five elements are everywhere in nature and are present in our lives too. Vastu paintings reflect the five elements in nature. They are used in Vastu corrections to balance and harmonize the environment and to bring luck, wealth, health, and happiness. The elements provide balance, harmony, and prosperity in your life.

The element of Fire is associated with vitality.

Vastu tools:- Fire Crystals, Fire helix, Symbols, and paintings

The element of Earth is associated with stability and strength

Vastu tools:- Natural rocks, earth crystals, and gems

The element of  wind  is associated with traveling and a relationship

Vastu tools:- Windchimes and brass bells

The element of Water is associated with money and peace

Vastu tools:-  Water fountain, Mangal Kalash, Water pyramid, and water urli

The element of space is associated with the Hearing sense.

Vastu tools:-  Brahma pyramid, energy balancers & Brahma crystal

In addition to the above, various Vastu tools like energy shifters, energy balancers and uplifters can be used for correcting non-vastu under the guidance of Vastu experts.

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