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Vastu for North-West Facing House

Looking for advice as per Vastu for North-West facing house or plot?

Five important elements of Vastu Shastra – fire, water, Earth, Wind, and Space are mutually related to the four cardinal Directions and four inter-cardinal directions of the compass. Each direction is associated with an element and an area of your life. The wind element is located in the northwest zone. Air or Vayu is vital for our survival. Our sense of sound, touch, and feel are related to Air. Hence all communication, networking energies can be improved if the wind element in the house follows all Vastu compliance.

Vastu for North-West Facing Plots

  •  In the North-west plot, the major directions fall in the corner of the site. The strength of such a plot is weak compared to a regular plot.
  • Make a lower boundary at the northeast zone of such a plot. The lower boundary at the northeast will help in attracting the positive flow of cosmic rays from the Ishanya corner.
  • The south-west boundary should be higher in north-west facing properties. The height and size of the boundary wall should be based on the size of the house as well as the plot.
  • Leave more open space in the northeast zone of the plot while making a construction.
  • Keep  equal space on the south-east and north-west zone of the plot while making home constructions
  • Leave minimum space at the southwest zone of the plot while making a construction. This will improve the Vaastu strength of the plot.