Vastu Shastra for Offices

office vastuVastu  for Office

All over the world, Vastu Shastra has helped in redefining the new age offices. More and more companies are increasingly accepting the concept of Vastu application in their office interiors. Since using Vastu Shastra does not disturb the modern look, it has gained wide acceptance all over the world. Big business firms and the wealthiest people all over the world have already adopted Vastu in their personal as well as professional life. The purpose of Vastu is to create good energy and stop the poor. Many successful people including corporate offices consider it a valuable addition to their businesses. Good Vastu planning has the biggest positive impact on reaching your goal.

During the consultation, we are asked the following question:-

How to retain the key employees?

What should be done to improve the performance and productivity of the people?

How it creates a stress-free environment?

What are the key recommendations to increase the client’s satisfaction?

Every space has an energy field. When space and its energy is not aligned with the elements, people around the office may not feel comfortable. When space is optimized according to Vastu, people like to seat and love to work in an efficient way. Vastu principles can be used to maximize the flow of positive energy in any space. Get your office plan Vastu approved before buying a  new office, branch office, or expanding a current office.

You have the following benefits when you follow a Vastu for office

  • It brings a harmonious working environment that supports you and everyone in the office. It brings balance to the natural environment around you.
  • There will be beneficial business negotiations.
  • You will be able to win business negotiations and sign an important deal.
  • Some companies have found their employee’s productivity has skyrocketed.
  • It will drastically improve the performance of employees at work.
  • Vastu helps in increasing creativity as well as productivity.
  • People will be less stressed and enjoying their work more.
  • Vastu vibrations help in motivating employees, retaining them, and also improve their performance. Management will be able to make full use of their talent. People do not leave the job, they leave a toxic work environment (Bad Vastu).
  • Many of them can achieve a “work-life balance” in the workspace.
  • It will likely make your visitor feel positive.

vastu opinion

Important points to be considered while following Vastu Shastra for Offices (office Vastu):-

  • Shape and Size of the Office
  • Reception Area Arrangement
  • Location of power spot
  • Brahmasthan – Energy center
  • Place of Business Promotion/Marketing Area
  • Main Entrance (door) of the office
  • Door location as well as  door view
  • Location of the Master Cabin, CEO, CFO, Manager, Managing Director, Director and, also other  key staff
  • Place of Financial/Accounts department
  • Staff placement and even its orientations
  • Location as well as  arrangements of the conference room
  • The Direction of the Marketing activities/Display
  • Colors for interior as well as the exterior of the office
  • The Direction of the AC, Electrical mains and, also Coolers.
  • The Direction of Pantry, Canteen
  • Placement of Toilets
  • The Direction of Windows
  • Location of the Higher zone as well as Lower zone
  • Location of the Dry zone and Wet zone
  • Place for temple or pooja room (Prayer area)

In addition to above consider the following placements for office vastu: Office gadgets like computer, fax, Server, Printer & Phone, Paintings, display, promotions, etc in the office

Vastu Design

vastu for officeWhile deciding upon any office setup designing and decorating the office with aesthetic trends is not enough.  Design your workplace according to Vastu to ensure bountiful output, good profit, and efficiency in work.  Vastu suggestions are very simple yet most effective.

According to recent research, the ability to focus is a real challenge for today’s employee. Vastu compliant plan brings a harmonious working environment that supports you and everyone in the office.

Work performance of employees can be increased by organizing space in harmonious ways. Like the right business plan is a crucial ingredient for any successful business venture, a harmonious seating plan in the office is an important consideration. Good Vastu design helps you to reduce waste of time on unproductive things and reallocate for an important task. You will be able to think clearly and to be more productive at work.

Vastu Tips for Office – Corporate offices


  • The slope of the floors should be towards the North-East direction of the office. The slope should in proportion to the size of the office. It has been found that while lowering the northeast zone, outer area of the said premises goes higher. This makes the Vastu of the office more defective.
  • Provide more open space should be left in the east, north or north-east direction. Calculation of open space should be based on the size of the premises.
  • Building’s height can be equal in all s