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Origin of Vastu Shastra

The Vastu scriptures date from a time about 5,000 years ago and carry the earliest known descriptions of these universal laws of nature. Scarcely any other architectural tradition lasted 5,000 years while staying unaltered and still being applied today.
According to the ancient literature, there had been eighteen originators of Vastu Shastra:-
1. Brahma
2. Narada
3. Brihaspati
4. Bhrigu
5. Vashistha
6. Vishwakarma
7. Maya
8. Atri
9. Garg
10. Kumar
11. Nandish
12. Nagnajita
13. Vishalaksha
14. Purandara
15. Shaunakh
16. Vasudev
17. Anirudh
18. Sukra
These originators have given a broad guidelines about the constructions of house, temples, forts, towns and place for keeping animals.
Professor Max Mullar who repeatedly drew attention to the uniqueness of the Veda says “ if somebody asks me that which is the country where person has answer available for the most complicated problems in various field of life and science with his mental abilities and growth, I will say that it is the country known as “India”

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