Selecting Best home from the Housing Project as per Vastu shastra

vastu shastra properties

Guidelines on finding your dream home in housing project as per Vastu.

Vastu is very effective in the process of buying and selling of the property. A seller can not make a deal if Vastu consultant point outs the issue which is missed during the construction. Many buyers considered it supremely important that a new home has good Vastu arrangements. The housing project as per Vastu is in great demand all over the world.

Nowadays construction companies offer many amenities like swimming pool, gymnasium, park, walking track, yoga space etc. in their new residential projects. This trend has reached to towns from the metro cities to attract new buyers especially the younger crowd.

Buyers looking for a new house with a sole aim to get more growth with new possibilities in life. A true Vastu compliant home can bring an abundance of prosperity, sound health and, also more tranquillity. Buying a property is the most important investment you will be making in your life.

5 important things to consider during the house hunting in a new housing  project:-

Location and its surrounding

Vastu mainly focuses on five key elements (Water, Fire, Earth, Wind and Space)  along with the external environment of the house. Surrounding plays a very important role while deciding for a new house as per Vastu. Approaching  and connected road, neighbors, river, canal, mountain or hill etc. has a huge impact on the energy of a house. For example, T-junction can bring serious bad luck to the occupant of the house.

Front door location

Main door should always to be located in auspicious direction. This will help you to get the right opportunities to come in your life. The main entrance  door represents the mouth of the energy,  the space  in which your house inhales a deep and cleansing breath.  Location of the door in a negative zone block the flow of opportunities and even creates frequent obstacles in the life.

Positioning of different rooms

Each room in the house have its own  unique energy. According to Vastu each individual room, including the kitchen, living room, bedroom, passage  and even guest room should locate in the correct direction as per Vastu.

Shape of the house

Rectangular or square shape is most auspicious according to Vastu.  A house with L shape indicates missing corner in the house.  A corner cut towards the North-East, South-East and South-west falls under the Major Vastu Defect category. It has a negative impact on the luck and fortune of the owner of the house.

Previous history of the plot or house

Avoid buying a property, which was used a a burial place in the past. If buying a resale property,  Avoid house which has seen an incidence and events like bankruptcy, murder, serious disease, divorces etc.

If you are looking to buy or renting , avoid  house surrounding  the following locations:-

  • Place of worship like temple, mosques , church  etc.
  • Hospital
  • Petrol pump
  • Cemetery
  • Large industrial or chemical plant
  • Prison
  • Power station

Avoid above surrounding location, which causes bad luck. Also they are not suitable for the residential purpose.

A Case Study of housing project in Ahmedabad

Our client staying in Mumbai has asked us to assist in selecting a Vastu compliant home in a new upcoming housing project in Ahmedabad city. The project was a huge complex with the all modern & world class amenities. Planning of lake, clubs, commercial complexes along with residential complex has attracted a good amount of buyers –not only from the Ahmedabad but also from the Mumbai as well as the rest of the world. The dowsing of the site indicated a greater amount of positive power at the location.

We were hired to select the best five apartment from the availability of houses with the builder. It was a very difficult tas