Why did Some People Fail to Create Wealth?

create wealth

Create wealth with Vastu

In spite of the fast-growing economy all over the world with tremendous opportunities that we all have, why is it that so few people are financially independent? You can have an amazing prosperous life but you need a significant change in your personal space.

Many people who grow in a home and spend years there are failed to understand the impact of their personal environment. They never take drastic steps to improve their surrounding energy flow positively. Positive energy helps you to wake up each day filled with excitement. Your life can be full of great achievements and great things. You can have everything you plan and desire.

Life has challenges but positive Vastu arrangement offers frequent opportunities. It helps you to overcome difficulties and obstacles. You have a few problems and more joyful moments. With the right kind of environment, you will find yourselves closer to your dreams. Please note that Vastu works as a support system and not a single factor for making you wealthy.

Below are some steps necessary to become financially independent:-


Having a great life without a clean environment is impossible. A clutter-free environment harnesses positive vibes. You should feel good when you are in-home or office. Sometime you may find clutter things very costly but they are not supporting you. Sometimes postponing a cleaning makes more things get stacked up. Holding on to old bills, old receipts, old catalogs, etc. beyond the date of expiry serve no purpose. Thus, clear and reduce your old-unusable belonging and you will feel the moment that helps you to live comfortably. So when you make space for something new, the universe attracts the law of attraction. Clutter represents stagnant energy. A law of physics says- nature abhors a vacuum. Create a vacuum and the universe will send new things (like joy, wealth, or harmony) to fill your empty space.

Case study

One of our business client in Gujarat has acquired a running business from another industrialist. There was no progress since acquisition and new business was not happening in spite of good efforts. Team Vastu plus surveyed the entire plant and found a huge amount of dead non-working machines, unorganized storeroom, and poor sanitation facilities. We advised them to clear all the clutter on a priority basis. The top management has taken immediate action and set up a committee on three employees to supervise the cleaning operation. The result was astonishing. His business got more order, more productivity and more overseas contacts within a year. Creativity, productivity and positive flow improve when you have a clutter free premises.

North – Direction of wealth