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south east facing house vastu

Are you buying a plot, house or office facing south east ? Check Vastu before buying….

Vastu Tips for a south-east facing apartment, flat, plot, home or office

South east facing house should be designed with a careful arrangement as fire element is dominant in this zone. Main purposse of  Vastu consideration is to align you space with universal structure. Vastu is a cosic science of structure. When people truly follow on Vastu advice they seriously end up with more wealth, harmonious relationship and improved health.

Following are a few important rules of VAASTU Shastra for property facing Southeast.

External Vastu arrangements

  • South east facing House / Home / Plots are considered a medium type of plot where the occupant has an average success in his/her life. Success comes in little by little.
  • South-east facing plot or house should have a lower compound wall boundary towards the east (half ) and  higher boundary towards the south (another half). Height as well as  width of the boundary should be based on the size of the plot.
  • The main gate (compound gate) should be placed in the auspicious zone on the south-east boundary wall. Ideally, it is advisable to make an internal lane on the north-east boundary wall. This will reduce the size of the plot but will help in making a door in a positive direction.
  • Slope the plot should be towards the northeast direction of the plot. Plot having a slope towards the north-east proved beneficial to the owner of the plot or home.

South East Facing Apartment

  • Entrance facing south-east while buying apartment or flat should have all internal elements to be as per Vastu.
  • The kitchen should have maximum windows towards the north-east and north-west directions.
  • Master Bedroom in South-West,  Prayer area in North East, Kitchen in Northwest and living area in Eastern zone will give south-east facing home with a  “B+”  rating.
  • Avoid a lift or staircase going down in front of the main entrance.