Vastu Shastra for Spiritual Ashram Project

Vastu Shastra for spiritual Ashram project

“An ashram is a place where one goes to find rest, do meditation and obtain spiritual well-being & spiritual growth.
At ashram huge number of devotee comes to seek a blessing of Acharya, listen their pravachan and do group meditation.
An ashram is generally a quite place where a person feels calm and meditate positively.

Following are important points to be considered while designing a layout for Vastu Shastra for spiritual Ashram project:

Vastu Shastra for spiritual Ashram project

Location of a meditation room
Location of Guruji chamber
Location of the Main Entrance
Location of the kitchen & Prasadam Hall
Location of storeroom
Guest Room arrangements
Land Scaping
Tree & Plantation
Location of the water body like an underground water tank, fountains, etc.
Location of electricity room
Placement of windows, AC etc.
Location of a waste disposal area
These are general guidelines for the design and placement that can be safely applied to the ashram project. However, if you are serious about achieving a perfectly balanced and beautiful ashram, then a personalised consultation is recommended.

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