Vastu For Ashram Project

Vastu Shastra for spiritual Ashram project

An ashram is a place where one goes to find rest, do meditation and obtain spiritual well-being & spiritual growth. At ashram huge number of devotee comes to seek a blessing of Acharya, listen their pravachan and do group meditation. It is generally a quite place where a devotee feels calm and meditate positively.

The energy and vibrations are so strong that you remain in meditative state effortlessly at such divine place. Anyone who is serious about their spiritual development will definitely attracted towards various activities of ashrams. Such location is powerhouse of cosmic energy, and a space where spontaneous physical and mental healing can take place. Many  Ashram and surrounding land is infused with a gentle, calming,  sacred and spiritual energy. 

Following are important points to be considered while designing a layout for Vastu  forAshram project:

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