swaminarayantemplesilvassaSwaminarayan temple is enjoying popularity and considered a top destination for Silvassa tourism.

Research of many temples by the experts indicates that the science of Vastu is equally applicable to the temple and different shrines. A successful devotional place can be created with the help of Vastu power. Our study and survey have confirmed that such devotion places enjoy popularity when Vastu is followed during the planning and execution stage. Swaminarayan temple build on the bank of the Damanganga river, Silvassa is one of the living examples of natural Vastu. Positive Vastu features have made this place aesthetically very attractive. It has the power to bring huge prosperity. Here prosperity in a broad sense includes peace, popularity, health, and wealth. When Vastu rules are followed knowingly or unknowingly, success follows automatically. Such premises has a huge potential to attract more devotees, tourist, and new people.


Swaminarayan temple is one of the top attractions out of 10 major destinations in Silvassa.  It’s a religious and sacred temple with beautiful architecture. Lakhs of devotees and tourists visit the Swaminarayan temple every year. Temple is the most famous attraction to Silvassa tourists.   It’s a large complex consisting of the main temple, guest house, library, divine shop, canteen, Satsang hall, guest house, and a Sant Niwas. People can enjoy the scenic beauty of the temple and its surrounding. It has many favorable features of Vastu.


The following key features add vibration frequency of the place:-

This is a southwest quadrant site with lots of open space in the North East. The entire complex as a topographical advantage. Such a site has the capacity to pull large numbers of devotees to the temple. The administration area for the temple authorities and the main temple is located in the southwest zone. This is a good feature as per Vastu.


A site with the river flowing from the south to north in the eastern zone is considered as a first-grade site. Such locations are found to be very peaceful and serene. A water body in the northeast brings peace. People experience a tranquil feeling. Water in the northeast zone improves the social connections with the devotees and attract more of them. It acts like a magnet. Furthermore, there is a huge nakshatra garden and riverfront towards the east. This adds the Vastu strength of the place.