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Vastu Benefits

Vastu Benefits

Vaastu finds its references in Vedic knowledge and has come down to us through these years. Everything that exists in the universe, including our bodies, is made of five elements. These five elements are earth (geomagnetic energy), water (gravitational energy), fire (solar energy), air (wind energy) and space (cosmic radiation). These forces have a powerful influence on us, as well as the environment. Each of these elements is associated with a particular direction: water in the northeast, fire in the southeast, earth in the southwest, air in the northwest and space in the center. By balancing these elements in their proper proportions, we will gain the benefits of health, happiness, and prosperity.
Vaastu is the science of arranging our man-made environments so that we are in alignment with these forces of nature. If we are not aligned with solar and geomagnetic forces we may experience illness, misfortune, and struggle. It is as if we are attempting to swim against the current of a river.
The east is the source of solar, ultra-violet rays, and the north is the source of magnetic energy. We benefit by keeping our environment open to these life supporting energies.
Harmful infrared rays coming from the south and destructive gamma rays coming from the west, cause disruption within the environment and our bodies. Using the principles of Vaastu Shastra, we can protect ourselves from these rays.
You can benefit from using Vaastu Shastra without demolishing your home or office.
You can sleep in the southwest area of your house with your head to the south.
You can place heavier furniture to the south and west.
Keep the center, north & east areas of your home open and free of clutter.
You can also place a fountain in the northeast and a light in the southeast.
Just using these basic suggestions can have positive vastu benefits in your life.

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