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Many Agamas, Puranas and scriptures include chapters on architecture of temples, homes, villages, towns and forts. In some cases, the manuscripts are partially lost, some are available only in Tibetan, Nepalese or South Indian languages, while in others original Sanskrit manuscripts are available in different parts of India.

Following books has a reference to vastu shastra:-

Shilpa Ratna
Manushyalay Chandrika
Vishwakarma Vastu Shastra
Vishwakarma Prakash
Samarangan Sutradhar
Aparajeet pruchcha
Architecture of Manasaar
Matsya Puran
Agni Puran
Garud Puran
Skand Puran
Narad Puran
Brahmand Puran
Vayu Puran
Bhavishya Puran Raj Vallabh

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