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Boisar is an industrial town near Mumbai is has created a huge demand for residential properties. Due to the rapid development of industries in Boisar, workers had to commute for more than an hour each day to reach their workplaces.  With the increased connectivity, it will also be easier to stay or invest in a reasonably available residential property in boisar. Big brands like Tata housing, Mahindra life space and many other have already attracted large numbers of buyers in recent past.

We have analyzed one of the houses of our client located in Boisar according to vastu:-

Vastu Shastra Consultant Boisar  Vastu Consultant in Boisar

Findings in the above plans as per vastu:-

  • Location of the main door in the auspicious zone
  • House has an extension towards the northeast assures more success in the life.
  • Seating arrangement in the living area towards the south-east zone may cause quarrel in the family.
  • Staircase in the north could impact negatively on money flow.
  • Anti-clock movement of the staircase is a vastu defect.
  • Terrace in the north-east zone at the upper level is most auspicious as per vastu.
  • Kitchen towards the north-west falls in the neutral zone.
  • Open space towards the west needs a vastu correction.

Plans after the vastu recommended changes without demolitions:-

Vastu Consultant BoisarVastu Shastra Consultant Boisar

Vastu Changes done in the above layout | Vastu Shastra Consultant Boisar:-

  1. Seating arrangement in the living room has been revised to avoid extreme south-east corner.
  2. Pot direction has been rectified in the lower floor.
  3. Seating arrangement for the dining table has been changed.
  4. The flooring of the owner’s bedroom at south-west should be raised to enhance earth element.
  5. Temple should be made in northeast zone by enclosing a balcony area.
  6. Bedroom at North West has been allotted to the married son.
  7. Bedroom at south-east has been allotted to the younger son.
  8. Mirror in the bedrooms has been planned on east and north wall not reflecting a bed.
  9. Colors like white with light lemon yellow has been recommended in kitchen

Vastu remedies in the layout | Vastu Shastra Consultant Boisar:-

  1. Vastu door pyramid needs to be installed under the door plate of the main door.
  2. Vastu copper pyramid partition strips to be installed on toiler & kitchen door, as both are facing each other.
  3. Staircase with anti clock door has been corrected by fixing a clockwise copper arrow on each step on both the floors.
  4. A bedroom having a kitchen at lower floor has been corrected by fixing a copper energy plate under the bed.
  5. A bedroom at south-east (zone of fire) has been corrected by installing bamboo painting with prehnite crystals.
  6. Earth element of the lower floor has been enhanced with yellow citrine cubes under the flooring tiles.
  7. The seating area of the living room having a toilet at upper floor has been corrected by installing a vastu energy plate in the false ceiling.
  8. A Wealth ship has been recommended in the living area to bring more prosperity to the owner and his family.
  9. Open space behind the home towards west has been corrected with vastu helix and blue lapis pyramids.

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