Vastu Consultant for Home & Industries – Bangkok Pattaya  Thailand

Vastu for Industries |  Bangkok  Pattaya Thailand

A client requested a vastu consultation for his new proposed industrial unit in Bangkok, near Pattaya (Thailand). Thailand is really a wonderful country. When you visit this country, you will understand why it is known as ” the land of smiles “.

Our consultation included physical verification of the site as well as detailed, practical and easy to implement suggestions to be presented to the owner. There were several industrial city and industrial plots we have visited surrounding the Bangkok.

Vastu benefits for Industries

  • Trouble free performance year after year.
  • Better quality products 
  • Healthy bottom line
  • Reputation, goodwill and prestige 
  • Improvement in producivity
  • Harmonious working environment
  • Minimum breakdown


Vastu bangkok

Findings about the site | Vastu for plot in Thailand:-

  • Entrance to the site is in a positive direction ( North)
  • The site was longer in North-south axis which is highly recommended in Vastu.
  • The site was having a pond at the west side which was a major vastu defect.

Analysis & recommendation | plot Vastu for Thailand :-

  • Leave some space from the western boundary approximately 1/4 th of the existing plot (existing boundary) and make a tall new boundary. This will create a plot between a pond and the pro