Vastu Consultant Ghatkopar

Case Study, House in Ghatkopar, Mumbai

Vastu Shastra is an authentic, ancient system of art and science practices that consists of a set of beliefs and rules regarding the internal and external environment of a person living. Vaastu system can simply be understood as the guidelines for living harmoniously with the physical environment. One of our clients in the Ghatkopar forwarded me a floor plan of the independent house and asked us to provide some useful Vastu guidance. Planning of the house was for the three families including a study area for the children which were a difficult task. It was almost difficult to align the room according to Vastu.

  1. The underground water tank is located in the N-E axis line. As per the Vastu water tank should be dug on the right or left side of the N-E axis. Either it should be shifted to true location or needs a strong correction.
  2. The seating arrangement in the living area is almost acceptable yet needs a re-planning. The living room should have a happy energy.
  3. The Kitchen was truly located in the south-east zone, most noteworthy in a fire element area. kitchens represent prosperity, nourishment, and health.
  4. The Septic connecting tank has been placed in the south-west zone. Depression in the south-west is a serious fault.
  5. A Wall unit in the east is blocking the positive flow of energy. This will block the morning sun rays.
  6. House is longer in the east-west axis. As a result, it will have more sun exposure to the house.
  7. The internal arrangement in the toilets is found to be faulty.

Since major construction was already done, there was limited scope for the physical changes in the residence.

Vastu Consultant Ghatkopar

Some of the recommendations for the house are as under:

  1. Move the water tank on either side of the north-east axis zone. The water tank in the N-E line will cut off the energy flow.
  2. Replan the living room area with the seating towards the west and TV unit on the eastern wall.
  3. Fix Vastu arrows, since the main door is opened in an anti-clock manner.
  4. Enhance the master bedroom with a lead metal, helix, and also earth crystals. The use of material is based on the size of the room.
  5. We suggest keeping Vastu painting in the bedrooms towards the south-east (above the kitchen)  to protect the room occupant from the fire element.  The bedroom in the south-east zone causes differences amongst the couple. It also causes poor health to female members of the family.
  6. Use room towards the north-east as a prayer room as well as a study room.
  7. Install Vastu magnetic swastika on the north-south wall of both the floors facing each other.
  8. Enhance room towards the east zone by installing a Vastu brick inside the four walls.